Required Documents

  • The registration requirements are:

    • Child(ren)'s Proof of Age

      • Original Birth Certificate
      • Passport

        Note: Kindergarten students must be 5-years-old on or before Sept. 1 of the student's first school year. 1st-grade students must be 6-years-old on or before Sept. 15. 

    • Health Documents - Please refer to the Health Services section of our website for requirements 
      • Immunization Record 
      • Completed Dental Exam Form 
      • Completed Physical Exam Form


    •  Proof of Residency (3)
      • One of the following:
        • Original lease or deed signed by both seller/landlord and/or buyer/renter
        • Mortgage Statement
        • Agreement of sale and original copy of settlement papers within 45 calendar days of the settlement

      • Two of the following (cannot be two of the same):
        • Valid driver’s license or change of address card with registrant’s current address
        • Valid vehicle owner’s card with registrant’s current address
        • Utility bill within 30 days in registrant’s name with registrant’s current address
        • Paycheck stub within 30 days with registrant’s address;
        • Most recent tax bill
        • Most recent sewer bill

    These documents will be photocopied and returned.