Global Issues

  • Integrated Global Issues (05990020)

    2.0 Credits; Weighted
    Length: Year; Format: Double Period, Meets Daily
    Grade(s): 10
    Prerequisite(s): Teacher Recommendation or Gifted Identification

    This team-taught seminar, second in a sequence of four interdisciplinary courses, uses a Parallel Curriculum Model to combine advanced work in international studies with intense analysis of literary works from non-Western cultures with some key additions from the English-speaking world. The focus is on the non-Western world, concentrating on area studies of the Middle East, Africa, Russia, South and Central Asia, and East Asia. Students analyze current issues by interpreting key historical events and exploring the cultural heritage of each region. Important global issues such as human rights compliance, arms proliferation, conflict resolution, and trade are also studied in depth. By combining a comprehensive social studies approach (geopolitical, environmental, economic, demographic, anthropological, and sociological) with integrated language arts (novels, short stories, poetry, art, film, and music), this course develops critical thinking about contemporary international issues and universal themes. Exercises in creative and analytical writing, public speaking, debate, and research are combined with extensive group and independent work, hands-on projects, and simulations to create an active learning experience. A research project requires that students develop an original thesis, evaluate and select resources, take notes, produce an outline, write an essay, and provide thorough documentation. At the conclusion of this project, students present their findings to the class. In the spring, students will take the Keystone Literature Exam.