Senior Seminar

  • Integrated Senior Seminar (05990040)

    2.0 Credits; Weighted
    Length: Year; Format: Double Period, Meets Daily
    Grade(s): 12
    Prerequisite(s): Teacher Recommendation or Gifted Identification

    This team-taught seminar, fourth in a sequence of interdisciplinary courses, uses a Parallel Curriculum Model to combine history, literature,  philosophy, and science in their broadest senses. This course examines humankind’s ideas about the universe, life, and consciousness, and the struggle between the individual and society. Students focus on the philosophical idea of leadership and how leaders have affected, and currently affect, society in various cultures, including: cultural self-conceptions, the nature of progress, and elements of power. The curriculum is organized both thematically and chronologically. The “student-as-worker” approach to high-level learning experiences includes simulations; focused writing assignments, both analytical and creative; close analysis of literary, historical, and visual sources; large and small group instruction; and problem-based learning.