• Background: Technology at Radnor High School

    Since the 2011-12 school year, Radnor High School has provided each student with an iPad as part of its "one-to-one" (1:1) device program. Understanding that technology is constantly evolving and in an effort to ensure Radnor students are provided the best device to meet their needs, Radnor Township School District undertook a study to review the technology program in place in the district as well as alternate solutions that emerged over time.

    The study team included teachers, students, parents, School Board members, community members, technology staff, and other professionals. A recent report presented to the School Board included data collection from students, teachers, parents, and other school districts' 1:1 programs. The process utilized multiple methods of data collection, including but not limited to surveys, focus groups, interviews, and observations. The study lasted two nearly two years and culminated with recommendations made by the study group to the School Board in April 2018

    The recommendations were to provide each Radnor High School student to a full-service computer. To offer this full-service device, each RHS family would be assessed a fee each year, allowing students who made the four payments to keep the deivce after graduation or withdraw from RHS.

    The desired characteristics of the recommended device were a keyboard, touch screen, local file storage, camera, and a highly portable design. The district chose the Microsoft Surface Go as the hybrid device that met the outlined criteria. The Surface Go is also fully compatible with an array of Microsoft cloud applications in Office 365 that both students and faculty adopted the 2018-19 school year.

    More information can be found on a Questions and Answers webpage found here.