Technology Use Agreement Form

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Technology Participation and Use Agreement

  • Parents/guardians and students participating in the Radnor High School 1:1 Microsoft Surface Go device program must read the below information and complete and submit the Technology Participation Agreement Form found at the top of this page before a Microsoft Surface Go can be issued. 

    An annual fee of $139 will be collected for each student in grades 9-11 who participates in the Surface Go program at Radnor High School. This fee will include a Microsoft Surface Go; a stylus; a case; a keyboard; Office 365 Software; Academic Software For Enrolled Courses; Filtering and Security Software; Support; and Insurance. Repairs, with certain limitations and deductibles, are also included. Students who contribute at least four of the annual fees will be able to keep their device, keyboard, and case upon graduation or leaving RHS.

    The fee will be payable online via or by check prior to the start of the 2019-20 school year. As of August 10, 2019, for a student to participate and receive a Surface Go, only a completed participation and usage form is due at this time. For more information on the submission dates for this form, click here. Parents/guardians will be notified when is open to process payments.

  • Section 1: Receiving and Returning Your Surface Go

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  • 1.1 Receiving the Microsoft Surface Go


    Provided the RHS Technology Participation and Use Agreement has been submitted and the parent/guardian and student has agreed to participate in the district's Microsfot Surface Go program, participating students will be issued a Surface Go device to use on campus and at home. As with all personal technology devices students have at school, teachers will determine when the Surface Go will be used in class.
    Intentional damage, devices that are lost or stolen, and damage caused by flood and fire, as well as similar events, are not covered by the district device protection plan; the student/family will be responsible for the replacement cost of the Surface Go and accompanying accessories, assuming they have not elected to protect against personal liability under a homeowners insurance policy and/or have not been approved for a fee waiver (More info on the fee waiver here).
    The district will provide technical support and will advise regarding device repair steps as needed. Students will keep the same Surface Go throughout their time at RHS. Surface Go devices will be labeled for each student. Students are to use only the device to which they've been assigned. Students are responsible for the safety and care of their Surface Go device at all times.


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  • 1.2 Personal Device Use (BYOD)


    Information for parents/guardians and students who choose to use their own personal device while at RHS instead of participating in the Microsoft Surface Go program (i.e, "Brinbg Your Own Device (BYOD)") can be found by clicking here


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  • 1.3 Device Return


    All students participating in the Microsoft Surface Go 1:1 Program must return the Surface Go, power adaptor, keyboard cover, case, and student pen upon withdrawing from school, transferring to an outside educational placement program, or graduating from RHS. Students will be gifted the Surface Go by making the corresponding technology fee payments for a total of $556.00 (four technology fee payments of $139.00). The device returned to the distrct must be the original device issued by RTSD.


    Any student who fails to return their Surface Go, charger, keyboard cover, student pen, and case will be responsible for paying the replacement cost of $489.00 for the Surface Go device; $80.00 for the keyboard case; $40.00 for the student Surface Go Pen; and $34.00 for the carrying case.


    A student who loses any accessories (charging brick, charging cable, keyboard cover, student Surface Go pen, or carrying case) or, in June of their senior year, fails to return any accessories or returns accessories that have sustained more than minor damage andare unusable, will be notified of the damage and is obligated to provide replacement accessories.


    As part of the device return process, students are required to inform technology support staff of any damage to the Surface Go or accessories.


    Any student who transfers out of Radnor High School, or out of the district during the school year, or withdraws or is expelled, will have the option of purchasing the device at the total cost of $556.00 or to return their Surface Go and accessories at that time. The district will take any and all legal action necessary to secure the return of the equipment, or reimbursement thereof.


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  • Section 2: Taking Care of the Surface Go

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  • Students are responsible for the care of their district-issued Surface Go. See Section 3.2 for information should a district-issued device require technical support.

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  • 2.1 Student Responsibilities


    The Microsoft Surface Go devices are the property of RTSD and are to be used as a tool for learning. When in class, students are expected to use Surface Go devices as directed by their teachers.

    Students may not remove any RTSD stickers or labels from the Surface Go devices. Surface Go devices should be brought to school fully charged every day. Each studentis responsible for his/her Surface Go device at all times. Surface Go devices are to be locked in a locker when not in a student's possession. See Section 6 for information about lost or stolen devices.

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  • 2.2 Device and Screen Care


    Each Surface Go device must be kept in its protective case when carried. The Surface Go and keyboard covers must remain free from objects that could put pressure on the screen. Surface Go devices, keyboard covers, and carrying cases must remain free of any permanent writing, drawing, stickers or labels that are not the property of RTSD. Luggage tags are encouraged to be connected to a student's case for easy identification. Cables must be carefully inserted into the Surface Go and a clean, soft lens cloths or screen wipes used to clean the screen. Cleansers of any kind are not to be used.


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  • Section 3: Using the Surface Go at School

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  • 3.1 Surface Go Devices Left at Home


    Students are expected to come to class with a charged Surface Go every day. Students are responsible for completing all work if the device is left at home. Loaner devices will not be provided to students who do not have their device at school.

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  • 3.2 Surface Go Devices and Repair


    If a district-issued Surface Go needs repair, students must go to the Technology Office and complete an online Technology Service Request form, at whcih time a service ticket to be assigned. Students may be given a loaner to use during the time needed to address the repair. In most repair situations, the Surface Go device will be sent to the local Microsoft Store for assessment/repair/replacement.

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  • 3.3 "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD)


    Students who have opted out of using a district-provided Surface Go to instead use their own personal device (BYOD) will be responsible for all technical support and repair for their personal device. Students are also responsible for having all required apps installed and functioning on their device. Students are required to complete all assigned work if their personal device requires repair. District staff will not provide service to a student's personal device nor will a loaner be provided.


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  • Section 4: Managing Your Files and Saving Your Work

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  • 4.1 Saving Your Work


    Potential Surface Go malfunctions, or an unexpected loss of internet connectivity, will not be acceptable excuses for not submitting schoolwork. It is each student's responsibility to ensure that work is not lost due to mechanical failure or accidental deletion.

    If a Surface Go device requires reimaging, it will not be backed up by technical staff. Radnor High School does not accept responsibility for the loss of any software or documents due to reimaging.

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  • 4.2 Office 365


    Microsoft Office 365 built-in cloud storage on each Microsoft Surface Go should be used for back-up of schoolwork.


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  • Section 5: Software and Apps

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  • 5.1 Microsoft Office 365 Accounts


    All Radnor High School students will be provided with an Microsoft Office 365 account and access to the Office 365 online applications.

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  • 5.2 District-Provided Apps


    District-installed applications (apps) must remain installed on the Surface Go at all times. From time to time, the district may wirelessly push apps to students' Surface Go devices as deemed necessary for school work by classroom teachers. Students are required to accept these downloads. Periodic, random checks of Surface Go devices may be made to ensure no district-installed apps have been deleted and no inappropriate apps have been downloaded.

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  • 5.3 Student-Purchased/Downloaded Apps


    The district is not responsible for any charges incurred due to student download of applications (apps). The district will not ask students to download any apps that are not free. From time to time, teachers may ask students to download free apps. School/administrative staff members have permission to review and evaluate any and all student-purchased or installed apps, and if deemed inappropriate for school, will require the student to remove them from the device. Inappropriate apps are any that violate the rules, policies, and Code of Conduct of Radnor High School.

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  • 5.4 Software/App Updates


    District-issued devices will undergo operating system and application updates that may be automatically and wirelessly pushed out to these devices.

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  • Section 6: General Safety Precautions (Lost/Stolen Devices)

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  • If any device (district-issued or personal) is reported as lost or stolen by a student or parent, a Radnor High School Theft Report Form must be immediately completed and submitted to the RHS Main Office. District network resources will be activated to determine if an approximate location of a district-issued device is possible.

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  • Section 7: Healthy Technology Use and Digital Responsibility

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  • 7.1 Healthy Technology Use


    One goal developed through the technology study was a commitment to develop programming that increases students’ health, safe and responsible stewardship with technology and internet use through curricular information, awareness activities, and school-wide practices. Over the last year, plans have been made to update the K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum, complete parent and community awareness activities around healthy technology use, and to consider the impact of technology on the Student Wellness Study recommendations.

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  • 7.2 Digital Responsibility


    Radnor Township School District expects students to be responsible digital citizens at all times. Students are expected to behave safely, responsibly, and ethically in the digital world.


    Students will protect their reputation and privacy by:


    • Keeping their passwords private.
    • Posting only things they would want parents, teachers, and/or the community to see.


    Students will demonstrate their maturity by:


    • Agreeing to flag and report content that is potentially inappropriate.
    • Confiding in an adult if anything potentially dangerous happens online.
    • Recognizing that being safe is more important than anything else.
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  • Section 8: Student Activities Strictly Prohibited

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  • 8.1 Network


    The district's Internet content filter will function on all Surface Go devices used within the district. It will also continue to function on all district-issued devices when off campus. Students should not attempt to bypass the filters using any technology available. 


    Bringing on school property or premises any devices or infecting the network with a virus or program designed to damage, alter, destroy, or provide access to unauthorized data or information is in violation of the Radnor Township School District Acceptable Use Policy and is strictly prohibited.


    Bringing on school property or premises any digital material, computer images, web site content, and similar files that violate any district rule, policy, Code of Conduct or local, state, or federal laws, statutes or regulations is strictly prohibited.


    Processing or accessing information on school property related to hacking, altering, or bypassing network security policies is a violation of the Radnor Township School District Acceptable Use Policy. Radnor High School has the right to collect and examine any device that is suspected of causing problems or was the source of an attack or virus infection.

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  • 8.2 Photos/Video/Audio


    Students may not record another individual or their communications without their express knowledge and permission. Students may not take, copy, post or otherwise disseminate pictures, video/audio recordings or audio recordings of anyone without their consent. Violators are subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to loss of privileges, detention, suspension, and expulsion. In the event that a crime may have been committed, the Radnor Township School District reserves the right to contact the police in addition to any consequences imposed by the school.


    Students may not:


    • Violate any School Board Policies, including but not limited to RTSD Acceptable Use Policy 815, Social Media Administrative Regulation 815.1, the Personal Electronic Communication Devices Policy 829, Care of School Property Policy 224, or any public law.
    • Record or take photographs or audio or visual recordings of anyone without their explicit permission.
    • Illegally install or transmit copyrighted photos, videos, audio and/or text.
    • Send mass or inappropriate emails.
    • Download inappropriate apps such as those that involve adult-related content, gambling, violence, etc.
    • Share their device or password/login credentials with anyone, unless directed by an administrator.
    • Overtly misuse the Surface Go in any way.


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  • Section 9: Student Discipline

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  • All students are expected to fully engage in school work while using devices and very few, if any, discipline issues are anticipated. However, if a student violates any part of the above guidelines or behaves or interacts in ways that are not consistent with the RHS Student Handbook, the RTSD Acceptable Use Policy, or any other district policy, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.


    Consequences include, but are not limited to, losing the use of the Surface Go or other technology privileges for a period of time as determined by Radnor High School administration. All work is expected to be completed during this time. Students who lose the privilege to use their device are not entitled to any reimbursement of fees paid.


    Students are responsible for all class work and will be provided alternate assignments and/or be given access to a classroom computer to complete work until the issue is resolved.

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    • I will take proper care of the Surface Go device and accessories assigned to me.
    • I will always keep the Surface Go in a locked and secured location when unattended.
    • I will know where my Surface Go is at all times.
    • I will not disassemble any part of my Surface Go or attempt repairs.
    • I will protect my Surface Go by keeping it in a case.
    • I will use my Surface Go to support my learning in ways that are appropriate, meet RTSD expectations, and as directed by my teachers.
    • I will not place any permanent decorations (such as stickers, markers, labels) on my Surface Go device.
    • I will not deface the serial number or Surface Go asset tag.
    • I understand that the Surface Go is subject to inspection at any time and without notice.
    • I understand that the district-issued Surface Go, power adaptor, keyboard cover, student issued pen, and carrying case remain the property of RTSD until transfer of ownership is provided to the student.
    • I have read, understand and agree to follow the RTSD Acceptable Use Policy and all applicable district policies.\



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