2021-22 Senior Parking Lottery Results

  • August 27, 2021

    Good afternoon Class of 2022!

    Today is the big reveal for those who won the lottery and are eligible to park on campus for the 2021-2022 school year.  As you may be aware, we have limited parking spaces on campus (177 parking spots) which forced eligible senior drivers to enter into a lotteryshare with a friend, or choose a semester option to park. This summer, we received 194 submissions for parking with 39 seniors opting to either share (pairs) or park for one semester. These 39 students or pairs will automatically receive parking tags to park on campus. There are 16 students on the waitlist. 

    Students selected to receive a parking tag should drop off the following driving information to Ms. Lahey in the main office between August 30–September 3:

    • Insurance
    • Driver’s License
    • Registration
    • Parking Agreement - The parking agreement can be found at https://www.rtsd.org/Domain/924
    • Check made payable to Radnor High School for $75.00 OR $37.50 per student for sharing and semester options.
      Please note: Cash, PayPal and Venmo are not acceptable methods of payment.

    Those who do not submit all the appropriate paperwork by Friday, September 3 will be placed on the waiting list including those who opted to share.  If either you or the student you share a spot with do not have the appropriate paperwork submitted on time, you will both be placed on the waitlist.

    Each parking tag allows the student to park in any space in the seniorjunior, and wedge lots or along the new road that runs parallel to Library Field on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Students are not permitted to park in the staff spaces at any time.  Starting Wednesday, September 8, all cars on campus must have a permit to park.  Students who park on campus illegally will face disciplinary consequences.  If a senior on the waiting list parks illegally, that student will be removed from the waiting list.

    A numbered hang tag will be issued to any student who receives a parking spot, and this hang tag must always be displayed on the rear-view mirror while your vehicle is on campus. If a student needs to temporarily take a different vehicle, the hang tag must be displayed in that vehicle while on campus.  If the original vehicle is no longer in use, the information for the new vehicle must be registered with Ms. Lahey in the main office (see Radnor Township School District Policy #223 for official parking rules and further information).

    Should you have any questions regarding parking, please feel free to contact me.


    Dr. Joseph MacNamara
    Assistant Principal