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    AGTS is a weeklong PTO-sponsored Cultural Arts program delivered to WES students through their Art Specials class the week of May 4 - 8, 2020. It is presented to grades 2-5 and offers a fun-filled class of art history and exploration. Click here for more information. 



Program Overview

  • The WES PTO / Cultural arts committee works in partnership with the Radnor Chapter of Art Goes to School of Delaware Valley (AGTS-DV)This is a non-profit volunteer organization, which brings art appreciation classes to elementary school children. The Radnor Chapter is currently delivering this program in Radnor, Wayne, and Ithan Elementary Schools and St. Katharine of Siena School, Wayne. 

    Each year, students get the opportunity to see a portfolio of over 20 reproductions of art, featuring the work of local and international artists, including paintings, tapestry, sculpture, mural art, photography, screen printing and more. The portfolio showcases art from ancient to modern times, enabling students to see how types, themes, and materials in art have evolved. Students are encouraged to ‘look, listen and feel’ art through interactive presentations, games, story-time and more. 

    How can I get involved as a parent?

    Become a WES AGTS volunteer! We are looking for parents who enjoy being in the classroom and are keen to inspire our students with their interest in art. This is a unique classroom volunteer opportunity at WES, a chance to spend time in your child’s class! 
    You do not need to be a teacher or an artist; the AGTS Radnor Chapter offers fun and informal training to all classroom presenters. 

    The Radnor Chapter of AGTS is a fun and welcoming group that offers an excellent opportunity to make new friends in the Radnor community and take time out to enjoy art.

    How about joining us for 2019-20? Contact the WES AGTS chair Marni O’Riordan at for more information. 

    What’s involved? ALL invited to:

    The AGTS Radnor Chapter Calendar of events|Fall Welcome
    Wednesday, September 18th @ 9:30 am
    , Radnor Memorial Library, Winsor Room.
    Open to all existing and new members.
    View the Portfolio and learn about how to get involved in the program.

    Portfolio Exploration and Research – Chapter meetings
    * Minimum of 2 meetings strongly encouraged
    Informal training meetings to discuss the portfolio
    Wednesday mornings@ 9:30 am hosted in chapter members homes
    Weekly - September 25th through to November 13th

    Winter Workshop – Classroom preparation
    *All teaching volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend
    Review the portfolio, prepare for the classroom and share teaching ideas and resources
    February 12th  – @ 9:30 am, Radnor Memorial Library, Winsor Room (Snow Day February 19th)

    Classroom Presentations – Teach at WES
    Planned dates at Wayne Elementary School: May 4th – May 8th 
    *New volunteers are asked for team-teach or observe 1 class before presenting solo

    Other information and events
    Art Goes to School of Delaware Valley provides a new portfolio of art reproductions for use each year and collects dues from chapter members
    AGTS/Radnor Chapter volunteers pay $25 in annual dues. 

    The Radnor Chapter also offers optional social gatherings, trips to local museums and art lectures. Our annual New York day-trip, during the first week of December, is not to be missed – we get a guided tour of an exhibition and plenty of time to enjoy the festive sights. 

    There are ADDITIONAL OPTIONAL opportunities to teach at St Katharine of Siena School, Radnor, and Ithan Elementary Schools. 

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