• WHAT WE DID IN 2018/2019:

    Our mission as RES PTO is to provide an excellent educational programming and enrichment to our students in a great partnership with our principal, Dr. Stevenson and all other staff members. We fundraise, organize events and recruit wonderful volunteers to create a fantastic school year for our kids.

    We CREATED a strong RES school Community

    • Welcomed over 100 new families in August through our New Families Welcome Program with playdates, new welcome folders, orientation events and New Families coffee morning.                                                                                                                                    
    • Hosted Family Fun Nights, including the Back to School Picnic, Halloween Trunk or Treat, Family Dance Night, Movie Night, Bingo Night, Someone Special Bowling, Someone Special Dance – we are also looking forward to all the performances our students at the yearly RES Talent show in June                                                                                                                  
    • Amazing MC team involvement during the Intercultural week where all students learned something about Egypt in all Specials, 628 passports stamped and a trip of a lifetime exploring this country          

    Finalized the week with a great annual International Potluck Dinner. More than 400 guests enjoyed an around the world buffet, art activities, Raffle wins, like a day as a principal, lunches with teachers, father/ son haircut and more                                                                                                                    

    • Organized for all RES parents the grade level Socials from K to 5                                                      
    • To highlight as great achievement: Simplify parent registrations through online registration: we created and used 32 forms and we have processed 1000 registrations since Sept.                                                                                                                                                                              
    • Participated in school events with an unbelievable number of volunteers, time, supplies, advertising and more at Open Houses, Walk to Wayne, Camp Canadensis, Reading Olympics, the flu vaccination clinic, homeroom parties and food tasting sessions.

    We ENRICHED the educational progress our students

    • Coordinating 15 different clubs in our Fall and Winter Program, more as 250 students have been enrolled so far in clubs like Crafty kids, Hip Hop, Language, Coding, Science, Fitness, Chess, Spring Program is coming up! running club is just one example with more as 100 students registrations so far.
    • Musical Theater: 109 students could take part in this year’s Mary Poppins Spring Musical, musical teachers, staff members and parents volunteers spent more as 100rds of hours in the Little Theatre on stage or backstage, in the dressing rooms and somewhere to make this play unforgettable.

    We SPONSORED numerous Cultural Arts Programs ($13.590):

    • Philadelphia School of Circus weeklong residency (4thgrade): 90+ young talented 4st grade students learned Circus skills and hosted the closing assembly ‘The Silly Sock Circus‘- show to all students on the end of the week
    • Bee Man (3rd grade).
    • Betsy Ross (1st grade)
    • Mother Goose (Kindergarten)
    • Audio Body performance (grade K-5)
    • Science Joe (grade 1,2 and 4)
    • Marla Frazee (author) (grade K-2)
    • Art Goes to School’s team of parents and community volunteers delivered their annual Art Appreciation Program to every child in the school through 29 teaching sessions.

    Promoting STEM learning ($2,500 given)
    The Science Fair was a great success, more than 76 exhibitions have been registered.

    We REACHED out to our Community

    • Donated to the monthly Community Outreach drives including School Supply Collection for The Village in Rosemont, Main Line Animal Rescue, Blankenburg Elementary School Book Drive and Pennies for Patients Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society.                                                                                            
    • Collected and donated the yearly Thanksgiving Food Drive to the Wayne Food pantry for local families                                                                                                   
    • Coordinated, Donated and collected the first district wide Winter Wonder Project for RTSD families in need
    • Provided 201 Activity Kits for Bryn Mawr Hospital Paediatric Unit and 266 books were donated as part of the MLK Jr. Day of Service projects ($401 given).
    • Supported the Radnor High School post prom party in February 2019

    We have FUNDRAISED and DONATED to fulfill our mission:

    Fundraising Highlights

    • RES Smart Run: over $15.000, participants runner and walker 555
    • Pretzel Fridays: $13.000
    • Book Fair: $6.034
    • “Together We Can” Annual Fund: $6.992
    • MSA – our online school directory: $2,000
    • Family Fun Nights: $1,087
    • Elementary Connections: $812
    • Box Tops: $192
    • Amazon Smile: $164
    • Giant: estimated $4000
    • Raffle prices during International Potluck dinner for the MC group: $1.377

    Donation Highlights

    • District wide Speaker series in cooperation with AIS: $1500
    • International week covers all our students in each of their Special one week long, 7hours a day with information, soccer games, music dances, art paintings and books: $ 2000 
    • Reading Olympics for our 5th grader:  $1600
    • Bus driver Appreciation breakfast
    • PSSA support for our students with mints, water bottles and mood pencils: $220
    • The new educational Responsive Classroom program for our teachers: approx. $2,000
    • New quickbook software for an effective PTO Treasure work: $226
    • 48 teacher’s fund to invest in their classrooms or work areas: $ 7,050
    • Staff lunch/ dinner during parents- teacher conferences: $ 1,000
    • Staff Appreciation (flowers from students and dinner): estimated around $2,250
    • Teacher Grants: $ 600
    • Enhancing Field Day                                                                                                                   
    • Student Sponsorship: $1,617
      12 students at have received financial assistance for Camp Canadensis, clubs, musical, Field trips and 5th grade activities                                                                                                                
    • Celebrating Fifth Grade: $4,665                                                                                                       
    • Activities are in full swing, 100 5th grader students had a funny evening at RMS already in January and still to come is the Pool Party, Year Book and recognition Ceremony for our Class of 2019.

    In the Planning Process for 2019/20:

    We are in the process to consider and discuss to invest in a new music sound system for RES in cooperation with REF for the next school year 2019/20.

     June, 2019, Gerda Strak, RES PTO president 2018/19