• Trust and Go

    Trust and Go (T.A.G.) is the new on-demand app for RHS parents facing unexpected transportation challenges for their busy teens. Did you know that Uber and Lyft are illegal for minors under 18?  T.A.G. is a free app, sponsored by the RHS PTO, for all Radnor High School families that solves this problem.  T.A.G. allows you to connect to Radnor parents that you know and trust, rather than use Uber and Lyft or another way to transport your teens. It can be used during your sports season or throughout the 2019-2020 school year.

    • For more information and frequently asked questions about T.A.G. click here
    • Other questions contact info@trustandgoapp.com
    • To join the T.A.G. waitlist, fill in a 30 second questionnaire here. This will allow your Radnor email to be verified. Once verified you will receive a link to download and start using T.A.G.


    A copy of Trust and Go’s Terms of Service is available at the following link here. Because neither the District nor its PTOs or booster clubs have any oversight or control over Trust and Go, and because neither the District nor its PTOs or booster clubs endorse or recommend the use of Trust and Go by any individual or entity, we strongly encourage you to review Trust and Go’s Terms of Service very carefully before utilizing the application/service. Your use, and your child’s use, of Trust and Go is at your own risk; Radnor Township School District (including its booster clubs and parent teacher organizations) will have no responsibility for any accident or injury to you, your child, or any personal property which takes place in connection with your/your child’s use of Trust and Go. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact Kari Kurtz at 484-532-8989.