• Radnor Township School District is excited to announce updates to the 2019-20 Elementary Progress Report.

Elementary Progress Report Going Online Only March 2020

  • In an effort to continue our pursuit of environmental sustainability and overall efficiency, beginning in March 2020, all progress reports will be available exclusively online through Home Access Center (HAC). A separate parent information packet will be provided to each family at the November 2019 conferences that will include step-by-step log-in directions for navigating HAC and accessing a student's report.

Updates to Progress Report

  • Alignment of Academic Areas

    Academic areas are aligned to report on student progress toward academic standards. Standards are specific to each subject and are intended to encompass the content taught over the course of the entire school year. Progress toward the standards are based on what was taught and assessed at the time of the report.

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  • Revisions to Qualities of a Learner Section

    The Qualities of a Learner section was revised to eliminate redundancy, grouped into meaningful strands, and now includes a reference to the use of technology.

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  • Performance Level Descriptors Defined

    The performance level descriptors have been more clearly defined and the grading systems simplified from five sets of progress indicators to two sets. Academic Performance levels will be reported through a 1-4 numeric scale, and Qualities of a Learner, Effort, and Behavior levels will be reported through a three-letter abbreviation. Please see the glossary to the right.

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  • Progress Report Key

    The Progress Report key has been re-labeled for clarity.

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  • Effort and Behavior

    Effort and Behavior are organized by discipline and will be reported independently within each subject area. Redundant comments and multiple definitions of Effort have been eliminated.

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  • Math and Fact Fluency

    While math and fact fluency remain assessed standards, the independent math and fact fluency grading scales have been integrated into the academic performance level indicators.

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Progress Report Glossary

  • The purpose of the RTSD Elementary Progress Report is to summarize and report student progress towards Pennsylvania Standards for parents/guardians. Progress reports are issued three times each year.

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  • Academic Performance Levels

    4 -- Exceptional and Independent Performance with Grade Level Standards

    Student works with fluency, automaticity and independence with the standards assessed in this area.

    3 -- Satisfactory Performance with Grade Level Standards

    Student has met the standards assessed in this area.

    2 -- More Time and Help Needed with Grade Level Standards

    Student approaches meeting the standards assessed in this area.

    1 -- Not Meeting Grade Level Standards  

    Student is not yet meeting the standards assessed in this area.

    NA -- Standards not assessed/evaluated during reporting period

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  • Qualities of a Learner, Effort & Behavior Levels

    Effort: Demonstrates care in the production of work; completes assigned work on time; prepared for class. Where applicable, consistently completes homework.

    Behavior: The way in which a student conducts him/herself and interacts with others.

    • EXC – Exceptional
    • MEE – Meets
    • APP – Approaches
    • BEL – Below
    • NA – Not evaluated during this reporting period

    Comments: Sometimes indicated to provide clarification or explanation based on student performance; provided at the discretion of the teacher.

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