About the Homework Committee

  • The purpose of the Homework Committee is to review the existing Homework Policy and corresponding Administrative Regulation in Radnor Township School District.

Meetings and Progress

  • February 6, 2020

    Homework Committee 2.6.20 At a meeting of the committee on Feb. 6, the group was asked to review survey data from RMS and RHS students on homework, and also to review the RTSD Homework Policy and Administrative Regulation prior to the meeting.

    Attendees were divided into six groups that each participated in two activities: 1. Discuss student data and parent/teacher feedback in context of RTSD Homework Policy; and 2. Compare RTSD Homework Policy to another district’s policy and provide feedback.

    After the groups completed both activities, all attendees discussed their group's findings.


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  • January 30, 2020

    Homework Committee 1.30.20 At a committee meeting on Jan. 30, the group reviewed the goals for the committee, the history behind the RTSD Homework Policy, and the avenues the committee would explore to help guide their discussions.

    The group then heard from Mr. Jon Kleiman, Senior School Program Director at Challenge Success, and Dr. Sarah Miles, Director of Research and Programs at Challenge Success, who discussed best practices regarding homework.

    Afterwards, committee members met in small groups to provide feedback about the presentation and the reading they completed prior to the first meeting. Groups then shared out their feedback to the whole committee, which was subsequently documented for future reference.

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Committee Members

  • Amy Goldman - Vice President, RTSD School Board
    Ken Batchelor - Superintendent
    Dan Bechtold - Co-Chair, Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning
    Anthony Stevenson - Co-Chair, Radnor Elementary School Principal
    Shawn Dutkiewicz - Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning
    Jim Kearney - Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning
    PT Kevgas - Radnor High School Principal
    David Wiedlich - Radnor Middle School Principal
    Nancy Ferguson - Wayne Elementary School Principal
    Joe Capone - RHS Teacher
    Susan Deratzou - RHS Teacher
    Rob King - RHS Teacher
    JJ Lemon - RHS Counselor
    Mike McBride - RHS Teacher
    Lauren Raines - RMS Teacher
    Olga Zografakis - RMS Teacher
    Camille Baker - RES Teacher
    Andrew Mancini - RES Teacher
    Jennifer Becker - WES Teacher
    Sarah Steiner - WES Teacher
    Tracy Tracy - WES Counselor
    Susi Bruhns - RHS/RMS/WES Parent
    Kara Cleffi - RHS/RMS Parent
    Shelia Esgro - RHS/RMS Parent
    Rachel Ebby - RHS Parent
    Sarah Fox - RHS/RMS Parent
    Tom Le - RHS/RMS Parent
    Michele Leonard - RHS Parent
    Scott Madden - RHS/RMS Parent
    Bill Remphrey - RHS Parent
    Jessica Waltman - RHS/RMS/WES Parent
    Suzanne Bowers - RMS/RES Parent
    Jerusha Conner - RMS/WES Parent
    Elizabeth Reynolds - RMS/WES Parent
    Shawn Visor
    - RMS/RES Parent
    Courtney Alexander - WES Parent
    Karen Fitch - Parent of RHS Graduates (2012, 2014)
    Avery Ciatto - RHS Student
    Jesse Conen - RHS Student
    Elle Davis - RHS Student
    Brendan Hung - RHS Student
    Michael McNicholas - RHS Student
    Elise Palmer - RHS Student