About the PE for Athletes Committee

  • The purpose of the Physical Education (PE) for Athletes Committee is to examine current high school PE requirements for students in the state of Pennsylvania, discuss best practices, and identify what other high schools are providing to their students in the area of Health and PE. Our goal is to ensure high levels of engagement and wellness for our students at Radnor High School. This thorough review will help provide clarity on opportunities to enhance our program.



  • January 29, 2020

    At the first meeting of the RTSD Physical Education for Athletes Committee, committee members introduced themselves; discussed the goals, purpose, and history of PE in the United States; reviewed a handout from the CDC, "Supporting Quality Physical Education and Physical Activity in Schools;" reviewed the current RTSD graduation requirements and Radnor High School PE offerings; and discussed strengths and areas for possible improvement.

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  • February 12, 2020

    At the second meeting of the RTSD Physical Education for Athletes Committee, committee members recapped the January 29 meeting; reviewed Pennsylvania academic standards for PE; and investigated how other schools/districts in the state such as Downingtown, Lower Merion, Strath Haven and North Allegheny implement their PE program through a review of associated materials and small and large group discussions.

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Committee Members

  • Jeff Jubelirer - RTSD School Board Member
    Dan Bechtold - Chair, Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning
    Doug Kent - Health and PE Curriculum Supervisor, Radnor Middle School Asst. Principal
    PT Kevgas - Radnor High School Principal
    Amy Roseland - RHS Teacher
    Tom Ryan - RHS Teacher
    Jeannie Semar - RHS Counselor
    Kyle Shilcock-Elliott - RHS Teacher
    Ed McCallion - RMS Teacher
    Brock Tracy - Wayne Elementary School Teacher
    Patti Bauer - RHS Parent
    Robert Esgro - RHS/RMS Parent
    Laura Getty - RHS Parent
    Megan Jonnson - RHS Parent
    Ylva Kelsall - RHS Parent
    Tom Le - RHS Parent
    Kristen Ressler - RHS Parent
    Danielle Horatius - RMS/Radnor Elemenary School Parent
    Jenny Addis - RHS Student
    Dean Aljian - RHS Student
    Tori DeCarlo - RHS Student
    Katie DeShan - RHS Student
    Colin Lane - RHS Student
    Mark McKeon - RHS Student