Chapter 339 Assignments

  • Chapter 339 Career Assessments are required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  By the time a student is at the end of their Junior year, eight of these assessments must have been completed.  They are spread over three years and are conducted in health, english and social studies classes.  

    These assessments are found in Naviance.  The link for Naviance is:  (School zip code: 19087.) Students having issues with their passwords should either reach out to the school counseling office or click "Forgot your password?" and receive a system generated email with directions on how to reset their passwords.  Students needing help with their username should reach out to the school counseling office.  

    Below are the 10 assessments that are currently found in Naviance with details on how to access and complete each.

    Counselor Assessments:  These can be found in your Naviance account under the “About Me” tab.  Select “My Assessments” and the list of assessments will appear.  Select the assessment you must complete from the drop-down window.  The four listed below must be completed before the end of Junior year.  If you click on the assessment and see results, please move on to the next assessment until you have completed all four.

    1. Do What You Are Career Assessment 
    1. Strengths Explorer Assessment 
    1. The Learning Style Inventory Assessment 
    1. MI Advantage Assessment


    English and Social Studies Surveys: These can be found in your Naviance account under the "About Me" tab.  Select  "My Surveys” then “Surveys Not Started.”  Only those surveys you have not completed will appear.  The six Surveys listed below must be completed by the end of your Junior year. 

    1. Counselor: English Class Reflection Survey 
    1. English: Course Recommendation Request Letter Survey 
    1. English: Thank You letter for Counselor Survey 
    1. Social Studies: Conflict Resolution Strategies Survey 
    1. Social Studies: Personal Attitudes to Hold a Job Survey, To complete this survey, review the list of personal attitudes in the attached inventory, in the space provided, create a list of the 10 attributes you feel are most important to holding a job in the 21st century and include a brief explanation as to why each is important. 
    1. Social Studies: Time Management Strategies Survey. To complete this survey, read the article on time Management Strategiesand develop a list of three management strategies that you think would be useful in school and at work.  Type those into the space provided and describe why each is a useful strategy