2020-21 Elementary Schedule Information

  • The 2020-21 schedule was built to achieve the following: 

    • Provide blocks of time to meet the needs of students and support personalized learning experiences
      • Students should expect to receive 4 or more synchronous sessions each day 
      • Math and ELA are built to support whole group and small group instruction 
      • Science and Social Studies are built for intermittent synchronous and asynchronous lessons 
      • Intervention and Enrichment blocks will support special student services and extended small group lessons 
      • Responsive classroom practices include a whole group morning meeting and closing circle 
      • Specials are organized in 20 minute synchronous sessions with additional offline assignments 
    • Define and support a structure for students to learn, practice, and apply concepts and skills
    • Provide a balance of synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences
    • Easily transfer between phases to reduce the need for change and disruption 

2020-2021 Schedules and Phase Implications

  • Reopening Phases

     Instructional Model 

    Schedule Implications







    In Phase 1, all students (other than those who elect the Cyber Program) would return to school buildings in a full-day format. The grade level schedules linked above would continue to be followed to the greatest extent possible. Some revisions may become necessary and feasible based on circumstances. 





    Hybrid: AM/PM Format


    In Phase 2, the schedules linked above would adjust slightly with AM and PM cohorts attending school in-person. With small class sections in the AM and PM, the instructional blocks would be slightly reduced to allow for a full 90 minute offline break in the middle of the day. The offline break would allow our facilities personnel to clean the classroom and office spaces to prepare for the PM cohort to arrive. Otherwise, specials and I/E will operate in the same fashion.


    (Start to the 2020-21-School Year)



    Full Remote


    In Phase 3 (our start to the school year), students will follow the remote grade level schedules linked above. This schedule is the exact schedule that the cyber program will follow.

    Cyber Program  

    Students enrolled in the cyber program will follow the same schedule throughout the year, regardless of any school board approved phase changes.