• RTSD District Wide Initiatives 2019-2020 

    Connected and Informed our families

    • Membership Toolkit (MTK
      • Formally MySchoolAnywhere, new for 2019-20
      • Online database used to send all PTO email communication
      • Registration for free for emails, signups and e-newsletters 
      • Directory access is a PTO Fundraiser. It is available to purchase - single user/1 parent $10, Family/multi user $20
        • 1000 online directory memberships sold 
      • $12,480 raised ($2000+ back to each PTO) 
    • District-Wide and RTSD news shared in our all 5 PTO monthly MTK e-newsletters 
    • RTSD PTOs website page:  https://www.rtsd.org/domain/63 


    Enriched and Educated our community 

    • Radnor Speaker Series: Vulnerable: A Conversation with Ryan Leaf about addiction and recovery through service to others. 
      • Jan. 14, 2020, Radnor High School 
      • The Radnor Speaker Series is a private school / public school partnership between the RTSD PTOs  and The Agnes Irwin School.
      • RTSD PTOs event sponsorship $7,500 
      • 400 guests attended the community, parent and student presentation 

    Spearheaded and Delivered a Day of Service 

    • 4th District Wide Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service
      • Jan. 20, 2020, Radnor High School
      • RTSD PTOs event sponsorship $1,750
      • 600+ RTSD students, parents and staff members participated
    • 10 Hands-On Service Projects ( 2472 units made and delivered)
    • 4 Donation Drives ( 2116 items donated)
      • 50/50 Raffle, Bake Sale, Hoops for Helping, Mindfulness Session 
      • Donated $700+ to A Better Chance, Radnor

    Reached and Supported our Families in Need 

    • Thanksgiving Food Baskets 
      • Nov 18, 2019, collection point Radnor Middle School
      • 120 Baskets included :dinner essentials and a grocery gift card
    • Winter Wonder Gift Card drive 
      • Dec.16, 2019, collections at all buildings and online donations
      • Target gift cards for 260 students and Acme/Giant cards for over 125 families 
    • Covid 19 Spring and Summer Grocery Store Gift Card Drive
      • 130+ Acme cards distributed in March with the help of the RTSD Social Workers - each family in need receiving $75 for food and essential items 
      • Drive continues for May and June to provide 2 further ‘gifts’
      • All donations are made online 

    Celebrated Diversity, Culture and Traditions

    • District-Wide International Week  
      • Jan.27 - Jan.31, 2020, all buildings
      • Parent volunteers host activities for all grades in a weeklong daytime program:  IES - Greece, RES - South Korea and WES -India
      • All Elementary schools close the week by hosting  an evening  PTO Family Fun Night - International Potluck Dinner, organized by their Multicultural Committee. 
      • RMS parent volunteers hosted 12 different ‘Around the World Presentations’ to 8th grade students, sharing their country’s highlights 
      • RMS (Nov.8, 2020) and RHS (Jan 24. 2020) relaunched their International Potluck Parties to be more building and student focused  - record numbers attended, RMS 150+ and RHS 400+ guests.  RHS MC partnered with R.E.F, receiving a grant for food/entertainment.  

    Fostered Partnerships and Worked Collaboratively 

    • Through joint planning of events and promotion of activities. Providing volunteers, sharing resources, giving donations to those who need it most  (books, raffle baskets, gift cards), honoring pledges and more at: 
    • Community Resource Fair for Multilingual Families in RTSD
      • Jan.4, 2020, Radnor Middle School
      • Feb. 19, 2020, Radnor Middle School
      • RTSD Presents “Have you had the Conversation? How to talk with your kids about substances”
    • Gearing Up for Kindergarten
      • Feb. 26, 2020, Ithan Elementary School
    • RTSD Day of Unplugging 
      • Mar. 22, 2020, Radnor Middle School

    Conducted meaningful business and developed our organizations

    • At monthly PTO Presidents Meetings
    • PTO Coordinating Council Meetings 
    • Communications Council Meetings 

    Thanked those who deserve it the most

    • Bus Driver Appreciation 
      • Traditional Fall Appreciation Breakfast canceled due to fire at depot
        • $500 RTSD PTOs gift to the Transportation Department to purchase something for their new space that all staff could use on a daily basis - TBC 
        • End of year virtual messages from the students collated with the help of the Communications department to create a Thank You Video to share with our Transportation staff and all the drivers.  
    • Thank You Radnor Teachers and Staff video 
      • PTO Presidents contributed to the script prepared by the Communications Department in the district’s message of thanks. 

    We are Going Greener

    • A new District Wide initiative introduced to support and encourage our schools to use resources wisely
      • Green Initiatives presentations on Nov.11, 2019 by Administration and Feb.10, 2020  by PTO ‘Green’ chairs during PTO Coordinating Council Meetings
      • Initial focus areas identified but goals not yet formalized. 
      • PTO survey sent out in November to the RTSD community to gather ideas and recruit volunteers . Follow up meetings have occured. 
      • Each PTO aims to have a Green liaison volunteer role to support initiatives in their building. There is student and teacher interest too.

    We are Radnor Proud

    • District Wide Radnor Spirit Day
      • Oct. 11, 2019, all buildings 
      • Celebrations supported by our PTOs