• 2020-2021 5th Grade Activities

    Our 5th-graders' last year at WES unforgettable in many ways! The WES PTO 5th-grade committee, led by 5th-grade parents, organizes activities, and special events to celebrate our 5th-grade students during their final year at WES.

    While this is 2020...and in-person activities are on-hold...it doesn't mean that the kids can't have some fun! Below are details on upcoming 5th-grade activities.

    Co-Chairs: Sonia Costa, Leigh Oblack, Cathy Mascioli, Serene Pena and Rachel Sule

    Contact us at WESFifthGradeCommittee@gmail.com


  • We need your help in putting together a great Yearbook!

    Here's what we need from you to get started:

    1. Fill out the Registration Form

    2. Submit a Baby Photo of your student - uploaded via the form above

    3. Have candids of our class from over their years at WES? Upload them in the Google Drive for inclusion in the Yearbook.

    4. Have your student fill out her/his "About Me" survey

    We are asking each student to contribute $26 to cover the 5th Grade Yearbook and t-shirt. You can complete the online transaction in the Registration Form.