• Grades 10-12: Use old login (studentID) to continueto access your computer. This will update when you are next on campus. Your new login is effective now for Office and Schoology.

    Grade 9: Use your new student login for your laptop as well as Office and Schoology.

New Student & Schoology Logins

  • lockStudent usernames and logins for students in grades 3-12 will be changing in August to enhance security, add access, and improve single sign on (SSO). This change will take effect on August 10th.



  • If your new account information is not working as expected, we are here to help.

    Support Request Form: Click Here

    Support Hotline: (610) 386-6333


    Student Login Example Video

    (Grades 3-12)

HAC & Schoology Reopening 2021-2022

  • HAC Reopening Dates:

    • RHS - 8/12 (OPEN)
    • RMS - 8/20 (OPEN)
    • Elem - 8/25 (OPEN)

    Schoology Reopening Dates:

    • Courses can be access by students and parents on School Day 1 (9/8)

Student Logins Evolving

  • Login Change: Grades 3-12

    Username: flast56@stu.rtsd.org
    (first initial + last name + last two of student ID @stu.rtsd.org)
    Password: same as before (initials+student ID [default])

    (Logins for Grades K-2 will remain the same - U: studentID@rtsd.org P:initlas+studentID)

    Used for:

    • Computer Login
    • Microsoft Logins
    • Clever Login
    • Email Access (RMS/RHS only)

    Why the change? 

    • Enhanced security (not student ID)
    • Unique to Each User
    • Identifyable User Names
    • Secondary Internal Email Access


Schoology Logins

  • New Schoology logins bring enhanced access.

    Login Page: rtsd.schoology.com
    (same as before)
    Login Credentials: Microsoft (Active Directory) Using Clever
    (New student logins)

    Why the change? 

    • Single Sign On (SSO)
    • Same User/Pass as Other Systems
    • Stronger Integration with Other Services
    • Enhanced Automation of Adding & Integrating New Users 

    What You Will See:

    login screen