Spectator Guidelines for Fall 2021

  • Masks/Physical Distancing

    • Inside – Everyone is required to wear a mask inside regardless of vaccination status. This includes athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators.
    • Athletes can remove masks while in active participation.
    • Outside – Masks are not required for any athletes, coaches, officials, or spectators.
    • Student-athletes will avoid shaking hands, fist bumps, and/or high fives to limit unnecessary physical contact.


    • Everyone must be masked while on district provided transportation.


    • All spectators must remain physically distant at all times both inside and outside.
    • All spectators must wear a mask while inside at any of our facilities regardless of vaccination status.
    • Spectators may bring their own chairs to any outdoor fields.


    • Locker Rooms - home team changing only, opponents/officials should come dressed.
    • No team meetings in locker rooms/confined spaces.


    • Visiting teams will be required to bring their own equipment.
    • All athletes must bring their own water bottles.
    • Radnor will provide game equipment and sanitize when possible.

    Athletic Training/Medical Care

    • For injuries – Athletic Trainers will use a mask when evaluating/treating injuries.
    • Pre-existing injuries should be treated in advance by home trainer; preventative taping will not be performed for opposing school.

    Parking at Radnor High School for Players/Spectators During Construction

    • Vehicles can enter via King of Prussia Road or Radnor-Chester Road.
    • All vehicles can exit via King of Prussia Rd. or Rowland Rd. behind the school.
    • Drivers and spectators can park across from campus in the Radnor Financial Center or Rowland Parking lot.
    • At Radnor Financial Center only park in the lot indicated by a star on the map. Do not park in front of restaurants. You will be ticketed.
    • Parking is limited in Rowland lot. If there are no spots available, park in front of the school or Radnor Financial Center.
    • Follow the green arrows on the map to walk to Encke Field.
    • Do not walk-through Rowland Field or any construction sites.
    • Follow all signs on campus.
    • Be careful when crossing Radnor Chester Rd. Please use the cross walk.
    • No Spectators should arrive prior to 3:30pm. You will not be able to get on campus.
    • Student spectators must sit on the hill overlooking the field. No student groups will be allowed on Encke Field.
    • Spectators can bring their own chairs.