Bienvenus à la classe avancée de la Langue et Culture Francaise!

  • Congratulations for your persistence and hard work in reaching the highest course of French in Radnor. Your commitment for learning French, the second most influential languages in the world after English, not only opens you the door to 35 countries but also at the academic level, helps you to improve test scores and reinforce English skills.

    As a premise for the real world you are expected to speak exclusively French during this college level class and participate in discussion on daily basis. The class is the second part of a two-year cycle designed to prepare you for the AP French Language Exam offered by College Board in May of each year. With the use of literary texts, authentic French media sources, including online newspapers, magazine article, and songs, you will expand your vocabulary, acquire idiomatic expressions and refine your grammatical skills in order to communicate on interpersonal, presentational and interpretive settings. You will continue to complete frequent written assignments and gradually learn to express your ideas with reasonable fluency and accuracy on various topics derived from the main six themes of the course (Global Challenge, Esthetics, Contemporary Life, Community & Family, Personal Identity, and Science & Technology). You will prepare for the speaking component of the AP exam through frequent recorded assignments and oral presentations relevant to contemporary Francophone cultures.

    Your eagerness to go beyond the material offered in class will guarantee your success in the new College Board AP French Language and Culture Exam. The more you come into contact with the language the better prepared you will be. Read the online French newspapers and magazines on a regular basis (look up for the link my website), rent movies. Listen to the French speaking radio stations. There are no short cuts, the more you do to prepare for the exam, and the better your grade will be. The exam in May is an integral part of the course and all students in the class are expected to take the test. (The College Board offers reduced fees to students who have financial need.)


  • #Lecture de l'été: "L'enfant noir" de Camara Laye (Le livre en Ligne)
    Summer reading: 'L'enfant noir' of Camara Laye (On line book). There are 15 copies of paperback available, please ask Mme.  

    Après la lecture de chaque chapitre :

    • Résumez le chapitre et trouvez un titre.
    • Quels sont deux thèmes que vous avez trouvés intéréssants.
    • Notez ce que vous n'avez pas compris.
    • Cherchez la signification de 10 mots (de français en français).

    After reading each chapter:

    • Summerize the chapter and find a title for it.
    • What are two themes that you found interesting.
    • Take note of passage that you did not understand.
    • Find the meaning of 10 words (French to French).