• AP European History Course Description and Expectations

    AP European History is a challenging course that includes a detailed narrative ofevents and movements in European History from 1450 to the present.  It prepares students for the demands of acollege education by providing experience in college level reading, writing,and independence.  Critical reading and advancedwriting skills, along with a willingness to devote considerable time out ofclass, are necessary to succeed. Students can expect to spend about six hoursper week, or more, outside of class on coursework.


    The AP European History curriculum investigates the broad themes of intellectual,cultural, economic, and political history and how those ideas are reflected intrends of philosophy, popular literature, and the arts.   As events in history can only be understoodin terms of their social context, this course will examine demographics and theinfluences of social classes, the idea of the family, and gender roles on history.  The course will also focus oneconomic history and the role of industrialization by reviewing the developmentof commercial practices and changing economic structures to recognize Europeaninfluence on the world.


    APEuropean History is organized on the assumption that students will take theCollege Board AP examination, which allows qualified candidates to receivecollege credit for the course.  Whilestudents are not required to take the ap test, it is encouraged.  Consequently, there will be a focus onstrengthening skills in taking objective exams, in addition to writing goodexpository essays, and critical reading of historical documents.