Welcome to Crossroads 20-21 Students!

    June 22, 2021 

    Dear Crossroads Student (and Parent/Guardian), 

              Welcome to Crossroads!  This certainly has been a challenging school year, but we hope that you have managed to enjoy your time in school, especially these past few months where things felt a little more normal.  Fingers crossed that next year will be much more "normal."  We are thrilled that you’ve decided to join us in Crossroads! 

    We will be working this summer to plan for next year, and we are planning for the year as if it will be more typical for us, with lots of group work and hopefully even some field trips.  Regardless, we will have interesting learning experiences prepared for you, and we’re confident that if you fully participate in our program, you will have a great year. 

                Below, you will find information on the required summer reading assignment, request for parent support, and the Crossroads supply list.   This information is also available on the Crossroads website.  To get there, just do a search for “Crossroads Radnor Middle School” and you’ll easily find our site.  

                In preparation for the start of school, please complete the following activities prior to the first day of school: 

    Summer Reading:  

    1. Crossroads students are expected to do the same exact summer reading assignments as any other sixth grade student. That information is available on the RMS website.  If a student was slated to be in the accelerated language arts class, he/she should follow the guidelines for that class. 
    2. In addition to your summer reading requirements, read something every day. Become aware of current events in your community, our nation, and the world.  


    One Parent/Guardian Task: 

    We absolutely need parent support to make Crossroads run smoothly, particularly with field trips and literature circles. In order to volunteer, you must get two separate clearances, the PA Background Check (Act 34) and the Child Abuse Clearance (Act 151).  Both are free for volunteers.  (You do NOT need the FBI fingerprint clearance.) Our first trip, a tour of the Philadelphia murals, is in early October, and we need many parent volunteers for that trip to be a success.  If you do not already have your background clearances, I encourage you to get them in the near future.  Links to the background clearance sites can be found at: http://www.rtsd.org/Page/12376. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please email both of us at: 

    Terrance.Canny@rtsd.org and Thomas.Rendulich@rtsd.org 

    We are truly looking forward to meeting all of you and working with you closely next year!  In the meantime, have a wonderful summer! 


    Mr. Canny     and     Mr. Rendulich