Child Find

  • Gifted, Special Education and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

    The educational needs of students attending District schools are monitored in each school. When data indicates the possible need for additional services and/or support, the parent is asked to provide signed informed consent so that the special education eligibility may be determined. Parents/guardians residing in the District also may request an evaluation to determine special education eligibility of their child attending one of our schools. This request must be made in writing. Signed, informed parental consent subsequently will be requested by the school. Evaluations are completed within 60 days (excluding summer) by a multi-disciplinary team whose composition varies based on the identified area(s) of educational concern.

    In addition to these Child Find activities, the District fulfills its Child Find responsibilities for students who reside within the boundaries of the District, but attend non-public schools. This process begins when a parent/guardian alerts the District and requests an evaluation of the child to determine eligibility. Signed, informed parental consent subsequently will be requested by the school. Evaluations are completed within 60 days (excluding summer) by a multi-disciplinary team whose composition varies based on the identified area(s) of educational concern.

    In all instances, if services are required, the parent is an integral member of the child’s learning team.

Referral & Evaluation

  • Pre-Referral Interventions

    When an academic, emotional, social or behavioral concern arises and the student's needs cannot be met within the regular education continuum of services, the student is referred to the Student Resources Team at the elementary level and to the Student Assistance Teams at the secondary level. Referrals to the Student Resource and Student Assistance Teams can be made by any member of the school staff, parents, legal guardians, and students.

    Multidisciplinary Team Evaluation

    If the appropriate pre referral supports and services are provided with fidelity, and the student is still not demonstrating adequate progress based on research-based data, a student may be referred for multidisciplinary team evaluation. The referral process provides vital information from the pre-referral activities and interventions and leads to the formulation of questions to be addressed in the evaluation. In cases of emergency, the multidisciplinary team evaluation may occur concurrently with other interventions.

    Parent permission is secured for the multidisciplinary team evaluation process. When assessments are complete, an Evaluation Report (ER) is prepared. The ER guides the Multidisciplinary Team in determining the eligibility for special education services. If the student is determined to be eligible for special education services, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting is held to determine the programming and interventions required to meet the individual student’s needs. The student's program, outlined during the IEP meeting is specified in the written IEP that is provided to the parents. Along with the written IEP, the district sends the parent a Notice of Recommended Placement (NOREP), which must be signed by the parent and returned to the district. The following link outlines the referral and evaluation process timeline that is state mandated.

    Parent Referrals

    Residents who have children in Radnor schools request a multidisciplinary evaluation. Parents wishing to refer their children for evaluation are encouraged to first confer with their home school principal and/or with the student resources/student assistance team coordinator. The members of the team can discuss supports and services that are available and begin the data collection process for multidisciplinary evaluation referral.
    Residents of Radnor Township School District whose children attend other educational institutions may request a multidisciplinary evaluation. The process requires completion of the district's registration process prior to any evaluation being initiated.

    Newly Enrolled Students

    Students who move into the Radnor Township School District with a current IEP from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or from any other state will be provided with a level of services commensurate with that noted on their current IEP. An IEP meeting will be held upon the student's entry to determine if the IEP is appropriate. If needed, a new or a revised IEP will be developed by the parents and the Radnor team. Those students who enroll with an active IEP may be provided with a multidisciplinary team reevaluation, which will include a review of records and other assessments as deemed appropriate by the IEP team.

    Early Intervention Students

    The RTSD Department of Special Education works closely with parents to facilitate transition to school age programs. Transition meetings with the student's parents and the school district staff are initiated by the Delaware County Intermediate Unit in January or February prior to the school year of entry to school age to begin transition planning.

    Chapter 15 (Section 504) Service Agreements

    Regular education students who are disabled and whose disability significantly impacts the student's ability to access their education, may require specific adaptations or accommodations in the regular education setting due to physical, learning, or other needs. These needs, if the student is deemed eligible, may be provided with a Chapter 15 (504) Service Agreement. The Agreement is developed jointly by the family and the building Chapter 15 coordinator and team. In most cases, prior to granting a Chapter 15 Agreement, an evaluation is completed by the district to determine student needs and strengths and eligibility.