4th grade, due to age and tradition, is our target group and students will be invited to additional "hands-on" workshops each day of the residency in the gym during appointed times during the school day. 
    All 4th grade students will be prepped to perform/demonstrate in our culminating all-school assembly Friday afternoon at 1:30.
    We invite any and all 4th grade students (4th grade only please) to the gym before school on Tues. 10/15, Wed. 10/16, and Thurs. 10/17 at 8:25 for optional practice.  Optional practices are supervised by Ms. Snyder and Mr. Nowak as well as our circus performers.    These extra practice sessions are optional and students can ALWAYS practice at home if they cannot attend. 

    If your child plans to attend please drop him or her off at the car loop near the gym entrance.  An adult will be present to receive your child.
    Also, at the end of the school day (before going to car or bus line) 4th graders are encouraged to stop by the gym and "rent" a piece of circus equipment to practice with at home for the night (stilts NOT included, sorry!).  Rentals occur on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesay and Thursday from 3:25 to 3:30pm.  There is no charge, this rental is FREE! 

    As 4th graders leave the gym with their rental equipment, they are reminded to ALWAYS place equipment in their backpacks and carry the backpack by the handle for safety.  Rental equipment must be returned the following morning so it is available for use throughout the school day. 
    4th grade families
    Please click above for a copy of the note that was sent home with your child.  The note must be completed and returned to the office by Wednesday, October 16th
    (even if your dismissal plan isn't changing)

    Friday, October 18th, 2019

    All School Assembly in the Theater, 1:30pm 

    Circus week will conclude with our 4th graders demonstrating and performing in an All-school assembly at 1:30pm on Friday.  May we all leave amazed, inspired, and happy!  4th grade parents are welcome to attend this assembly.  

    Entrance for guests will be through the main office.  ALL guests must obtain a visitors badge.

    Parking is provided within the RES lot or at the alternate lot across the bridge. Please remember, due to fire codes, no parking is allowed along the sidewalk or in the Radnor Corporate spaces.

    All 4th grade families must complete and send the above note with your child in advance (preferably by Wednesday 10/16).  This will help to streamline the departure process.