5th Grade Health Homework Center



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5th Grade Health Homework Center

As part of the 5th grade Health Curriculum, students will be expected to complete weekly health homework assignments. This website and the Health Homework wall, located outside the Health room at school, are here to help students keep track of what assignment is due and to provide a way for students to obtain additional copies of an assignment when one is lost or the student is absent.

If you have any additional questions about a Health homework please contact your child's Health teacher, Mr. Doug Nowak, at doug.nowak@rtsd.org.

Completed Homework

  • Example of completed homework drop off

    Anytime a student finishes his or her work, they can turn it in.  The completed homework box is "always open". 

Extra Copies

  • Extra Copies

    This where students can obtain extra copies of an assignment without having to find the teacher.  It also provides a visual reminder of what assignment is due next time a student comes to Health class. 

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