Parent-Teacher Organizations

  • All 5 Radnor schools have their own Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) known as:

  • Collectively these 5 Parent Teacher Organizations are known as the RTSD PTO. 

     The RTSD PTOs work together on designated district-wide initiatives, programs and events to support collaboration and communication between the organizations and strengthen community bonds.  As a collaborative team supporting the 5 PTOs, individuals on the district-wide team represent communities throughout Radnor Township and complement each other by bringing a diverse range of experience.   

    2020-21 District Wide RTSD PTO Initiatives Team


    District-Wide PTO Initiatives Chairperson:Lucy Madden 
    IES President: Lauren O’Rourke 
    RES President: Alexandria King
    WES Co-Presidents: Brigid Morrissey and Deb Mitra Fernandes
    RMS President: Patty Balachandran
    RHS President: Rachel Sule 
    Treasurer: Geeta Kapadia Palshikar
    Website Administrator: Greta Garcia
    MLK,Jr. Day of Service Chairperson: Lauren Miltenberger  
    Membership ToolKit  Administrator: Paul Cecco
    Speaker Chairpersons: Katie Brooks and Mary McGohon Balch
    Community Outreach Coordinator: Kristin Monty 
    Multicultural Committees Coordinator : Esther Choi
    Radnor Going Greener Co-chairs: Betsy Michau and Gretchen Groebel -
    Bus Driver Appreciation: Chris McNicholas & Shannon Frigerio