Specials Schedule

  • DAY 1: Music

    DAY 2: Gym 
    (please remember sneakers)

    DAY 3: Library
    (please remember your books)

    DAY 4: Art

    DAY 5: Wellness
    (please remember sneakers)

Daily Schedule

  • 9:00-9:15: Morning Routine
    9:15-10:00: Language Arts
    (Word Study/Reading)
    10:00-10:50: Math
    10:55-11:45: Lunch/Recesss
    11:45-12:35: I/E
    12:35-1:130: Writing
    1:35-2:25: Specials
    2:25-2:45: Recess
    2:45-3:15: Social Studies/Science
    3:05-3:20: Recess
    3:25: Dismissal (cars)
    3:30: Dismissal (aftercare/clubs)
    3:35: Dismissal )buses)

Exploring The Curriculum

  • Writing:  We practice and develop essential writing skills, shared/interactive writing,  create stories, explore the writing process, and learn how to be a "good checker".  We utilize the Fundations Word Study and Being A Writer Programs to enhance writing practices.

    Reading:  Students practice and develop reading skills, have shared and guided reading time, explore literacy stations, and learn how to pick a "just right book." Comprehension and vocabulary are enhanced through  the "Making Meaning" curriculum.

    Math:  We use the Everyday Math Series.  We explore numbers, patterns, time, money, measurement, addition, subtraction, and problem solving.

    Science:  We explore weather, liquids and solids, and butterflies.

    Social Studies: We learn about school helpers, traditions and customs, maps and globes, and how to be a good citizen.