Health and Wellness


    All Wayne Elementary Students are part of a Total Health Experience. While at WES, students in grades K through 4 are part of a Wellness class that meets once a week with Mr. Paul Carson. During Wellness, we discuss many valuable life long health skills to live long, and healthy lives.

    Some of our Topics include:


    -Safety (Fire, Home, Bus, Playground etc...)

    -First Aid and Emergency Care

    -Personal Hygiene

    -Circulatory System (HEART -POWER!!)

    -Body Systems

    -Alcohol and Tobacco

    -Relaxation and Stress Management

    And much much more!!


     While in 5th grade, students enhance their Health Experience by becoming part of a Health Education Class. During Health Class we talk more in-depth about becoming healthy, and knowledgeable adolescents.

     Some Topics include:

    -Health Knowledge (Health Triangle)

    -Mental, Physical, Social Health

    -Responsible Decision Making

    -Peer Pressure

    -Refusal Skills

    -Personal Health

    -Human Growth and Development

    -Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco