• Personal Health Assignment:

    Taking Care of our Changing Bodies



    As you grow and change, there is a need to take better and different

    care of your bodies.


    You are growing up. That means you need to starting taking better care

    of your body. There are some new things that children your age need to

    start doing in order to keep good hygiene. You need to discover and

    learn more about some of these new practices.          


    In class, you and your group are responsible for a specific area of our

    Personal Health Chapter. Your group will become experts on your topic

    by using our text book and various websites to learn about that area of

    Personal Health. Your group will also create a brief PowerPoint presentation on

    the main points that your group found from your online research. For

    this project, you will become the teacher, and your job is to each us

    about Personal Health.    

    The Process:

    Teacher will assign groups.

    Your groups will randomly pick a topic.

    Using the  textbooks, and various websites (Chromebooks), your group will

    research your topic in class.

    Group will work together to create a presentation about your topic

    using Powerpoint.

    Teach the class about your topic using the presentation you made.


    1. The Sleep Cycle
    2. Posture and Scoliosis
    3. Deodorant/Antiperspirant
    4. Acne
    5. The Eyes


    Resources for Research:

    The Sleep Cycle

    Sleep Cycle Link 1

    Sleep Cycle Link 2

    Sleep Cycle Link 3

    Posture and Scoliosis 

    Posture Link 1

    Posture Link 2

    Posture Link

    Deodorant and Antiperspirant

    Deodorant Link 1

    deodorant link 2


    Acne Link 1

    Acne Link 2


    Eyes Link 1

    Eyes Link 2

    Eyes Link 3


    Pictures can only be obtained through:    kiddle.co



    You will be graded based on your efforts during class time (did you help and work well with your

    group?). Grade will be based on your Power Point presentation, and the information you teach the



    After completing your research, and your presentation, you should feel very confident in

    yourself as you continue growing into adolescents. By learning how to take proper care of your

    own personal health, you are becoming a more complete and healthier person!