Literacy Programs

  • Making Meaning

    The Making Meaning® program is a classroom-tested K8 reading comprehension curriculum that combines the latest comprehension research with support for students social and ethical development. The program explicitly teaches comprehension strategies, introducing them in the grades where they are developmentally appropriate. Click here to learn more. 

    Making Meaning: Vocabulary

    Research confirms that the vocabulary children learn in casual conversation with friends and family or from watching television and DVD's is incidental and not enough to communicate effectively and achieve academically. The Making Meaning Vocabulary program offers direct instruction in specific words and word-learning strategies that help students develop an authentic, personal enthusiasm aboutlanguage and a rich and varied vocabulary that enhances their reading andwriting. Vocabulary lessons were developed with classroom teachers who pilotedthe lessons and gave regular and extensive feedback to ensure that the program addresses the needs of all students and is easy to implement.

    Being a Writer

    The Being a Writer program is based on current research findings including those of the National Council of Teachers of English, Richard Allington, and Donald Graves. Click here to learn more.