Curriculum Overview

  • Reading

    • Workshop Model
    • Making Meaning
    • Guided Reading:  Book Treks & Scholastic Materials
    • Novels: Independent Reading, Literature Circles, Book Clubs, and Read Aloud
    • Science, Social Studies, and Math Connections
    • Reading Logs:  Each fourth grade student is required to read 25 books over the course of the school year.  The books must cover at least 5 different genres.  The title, author, and genre will be recorded on each students reading log.


    • Being a Writer
    • Spelling Connections:  Each week, students are given a list of 20-25 spelling words.  During a pre-test given on Mondays, students record the correct spelling of each word and look for any noticeable spelling patterns.  By determining a specific pattern, students are then able to recall the spelling strategy for the week.  Students work throughout the week on spelling and are tested every Friday.
    • Handwriting
    • Reports/Projects
    • Science, Social Studies, and Math Connection


    • Math in Focus
    • Every Day Counts


    • Life Cycles
    • Land & Water
    • Electricity

    Social Studies

    • Regions of Our Country
    • Pennsylvania
    • Daily Geography

    Study Skills/Organization

    • Independence & Responsibility
    • Research Skills
    • Cooperative Learning Situations
    • Class Rules & Procedures
    • Challenge Center


    • Computer Lab & Lap Tops
    • Word Processing
    • Internet Use
    • SmartBoard
    • Microphones
    • Flip Cameras
    • Monitor & Keyboard
    • Typing Pal