Wellness Curriculum (Grades 1-4)

  • All students in first through fourth grade take part in wellness classes that meet once a cycle for fifty minutes. Eight units are taught throughout the school year to help educate students on living a healthy and safe lifestyle. Students are asked to wear clothing that is appropriate for moving around, especially sneakers.

    This unit focuses on safety while riding the bus or other means of transportation, participating in sporting or exercise activities, and in the home or school.

    This unit prepares the students to act appropriately in an emergency situation. The students learn the correct numbers to call and the information that is needed to aid in an emergency.

    First Aid
    The students learn basic first aid procedures for minor injuries, including cuts, burns, nosebleeds and joint injuries.

    During this unit, the students learn the basics of grooming and maintaining good health through procedures such as hand washing, brushing teeth and wearing clean clothes.

    Stress Management
    The focus of this unit is to identify sources of stress and healthful ways of managing stress. Students practice progressive muscle relaxation, mental imagery and yoga to deal with life stressors.

    Body Systems
    The circulatory system, the skeletal system, the nervous system, the muscular system and the respiratory system are the focus of the body systems unit. The students learn the major organs of each system and ultimately how the systems work together.

    Drug Prevention
    This unit allows the students to discover the care that must be taken when using a medicine and the definition of the word drug. The dangers of smoking are the focus of this unit.

    Making good choices when it comes to meals and snacks is the main point in the nutrition unit. Students are introduced to foods that should only be consumed occasionally and those foods which can be eaten daily. The food pyramid and plate are used as guides for healthy eating.