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    t the Clock
    —Can you beat the clock by naming the decimal for the shaded parts?  You can compete against the clock or another player. 

    Concentration—Can you find the equal decimals? 

    Decimal Darts
    —Try your luck on this classic carnival game mixed with decimals.  Can you find the decimal point where the balloons are positioned so the dart will pop the balloons?
    Place Value Strategy—Each player tries to form the greater decimal by placing numbers strategically.

    Decimal Square Blackjack
    —Play against the robot to get as close as possible to 2 wholes without going over.

    Rope Tug—Pull the robot (or play against a friend) into the pit in this decimal tug-of-war game. 

    Laser Beams
    —Hit the asteroids with your laser beam.  Three levels range beginner to advanced level.  

    Decimal Speedway
    —This one will take some thinking.  Be the first to race your car across the finish line on the speedway.  Determine how fast your car moves by finding the product of the decimal and the number you spin.  Speed spots, oil spots, and repeat turns keep it interesting.