BYO Printing

Ready to print from your personal device at school?

We are excited to offer you a way to print to the school printers directly from your personal computer or iPad. It requires that you download a piece of software, so, of course, it's optional.

It's quite easy to do, but we're here to help. Just stop by the tech office if you need us!

Set Up

1. Download the software below. NOTE: You must be on campus to download the software.

The software should recognize the type of device you are on. If not, just choose the correct option at the bottom of the page.
2. Run the software. (If your computer has parental controls, you'll need to do the installation at home for the access.)

3. When prompted for your username and password, it's the same combination you always use at school. You can use your full email address or just the part before the @.

Ready to Print?

  1. When you print, select the "Ricoh" printer.
  2. Then go over to one of the printers that have a keypad and enter your ID (lunch) number.


Click here to download the software.
(on campus only)