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College & Career Readiness Study

Study Goals (Feb.-April 2022)

To determine the appropriate staffing necessary to meet RTSD students’ needs for college and career planning.

To identify potential improvements to RTSD school counseling structure, processes, and supports related to college and career planning.

To identify professional development and training needs for RTSD staff.

Achieving Study Goals

• Assess current programming for strengths and areas of improvement
• Gather feedback from students and parents
• Examine best practices and future trends
• Discuss with college Admissions departments
• Investigate exemplar public and private high school Counseling departments
• Determine professional development needs
• Examine related student support services

Recent History of Counseling Services Development & Study Progress

Study Committee Members



William Yarnell

College and Career Readiness Study Consultant

Dan Bechtold

Committee Co-Chair, Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning

Nicole Ottaviano

Committee Co-Chair, K-12 School Counseling Coordinator

Liz Duffy

RTSD School Board Member and Parent

Nancy Monahan

RTSD School Board Member and Parent

Ryan Buterbaugh

RHS Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs

JJ Lemon

RHS School Counseling Department Chair

Jeannie Semar

RHS School Counselor

Clyde Diehl

RMS School Counselor

Maureen Ertle

RHS Special Education Teacher, K-12 Transition Coordinator

Tom Ryan

RHS Coach and Teacher

Kathy Pearsall 

RHS English Teacher

Jamie Forman

RHS Parent

John Beiger

RHS Parent and Coach

Barbara Civitella

RHS Alumna and Division I Athlete

Anna Duffy

RHS Alumna

Juan-Pablo Moreland

RHS Alumnus

Nicole Aboagye

RHS ABC Student/Alumna

Avery Barber

RHS Class of 2022 and Future Division I Athlete

Sebastian Kaper-Barcelata

RHS Class of 2022