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Homework Study


Radnor Township School District identified the initiation of a homework study as an initiative for the 2022-2023 school year. Previous homework committees were convened during the 2013-2014 and 2019-2020 school years. A committee of administrators, parents, students, and teachers will meet to research homework, review RTSD’s K-12 homework policy and practices, and determine if changes are needed.

Meetings & Updates

Parent Homework Surveys

Thank you for your interest in our parent surveys. The surveys are now closed.


Homework Committee Members



Jim Kearney, Chair Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning

Dave Wiedlich, Vice-Chair

Principal (RMS)

Amy Goldman

RTSD School Board President

Liz Duffy RTSD School Board Member

Susan Stern

RTSD School Board Member

Ken Batchelor RTSD Superintendent
Shawn Dutkiewicz RTSD Assistant to the Superintendent
Scott Hand Director of Technology Innovation and Instructional Design

Jenny Le Sage

Director of Student Services

Tronya Boylan

Principal (IES)

P.T. Kevgas

Principal (RHS)

Christine Bryan

Assistant Principal (RMS)

Kelly McBride

School Psychologist (RMS)

Stacey Gray

Teacher (IES)

Lindsey Guiseppe

Teacher (IES)

Susan Deratzou 

Teacher (RHS)

Joanna Eichenwald

Teacher (RMS)

Nicole Kindred

Teacher (RMS)

Rob King

Teacher (RHS)

Tom Rendulich

Teacher (RMS)

Enissa Borine

Teacher (WES)

Natalia Pelaez

Teacher (WES)

Sarah Steiner Teacher (WES)
Nikolas Bryant Student (RHS)
Jacqueline Dunn Student (RHS)
Michael McNicholas Student (RHS)
Maximillian Muller Student (RHS)
Nicolo Gallia Student (RHS)
Willem Crowther Student (RMS)
Anika Fernandes Student (RMS)
Arielle Mims Student (RMS)
Kirthi Middle Student (RMS)
Erin Brennan Parent (RES)
Susi Bruhns Parent (RMS & RHS)
Megan Carusona Parent (IES)
Kara Cleffi Parent (RHS)
Verónica Fitzgerald Parent (RES, RMS & RHS)
Sarah Fox Parent (RHS)
Sarah Johnson Parent (WES)
Tom Le Parent (RHS)
Hillorie Leaman Parent (IES)
Liz Lee Parent (WES)
Kate Sanderson Parent (RMS & RHS)
Paul Vernisl Parent (RES)