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Building The New Ithan Elementary School

At its June 28, 2022 regularly scheduled Board Business Meeting the Radnor Township School Board approved the Administration’s recommendation to replace Ithan Elementary School on the current grounds based on a thorough feasibility study and community feedback.  

The long-term feasibility study found areas of concern at Ithan Elementary School that needed to be addressed immediately. Administration presented a preliminary timeline for replacing Ithan Elementary School which included stages for planning, development and construction to take place over a 4-to-6-year period. At their November 29, 2022 Board Business Meeting, the Radnor Township School Board approved the selection of Breslin Ridyard Fadero Architects for design and bidding of the Ithan Elementary School Project.  

RTSD is convening a Steering Committee of parents, community members, staff, School Board members, and architects to guide the project. The Steering Committee will meet the last week of each month. 

Project Updates

Anticipated for completion within 4-6 years, the New Ithan Elementary Project addresses issues of outdated mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, ADA non-compliance, and security concerns among other areas of critical concern.

The New Ithan Elementary Project is currently scheduled for completion in the next 4-6 years. Below is a tentative timeline for various aspects of the project. Please note these dates may change and this webpage will be updated to reflect any changes. (Updated December 9, 2022)

  • Building Review
    • Determine location, size, and function of the new building.
    • Estimated completion: April 2023
  • Schematic Design Phase
    • Meet with internal stakeholders and develop floor plan.
    • Estimated completion: August 2023
  • Design Development Phase
    • A more detailed design to include technology integration and input from teachers.
    • Estimated completion: December 2023
  • Land Development
    • Estimated completion: November 2024
  • Bidding
    • Estimated completion: December 2024
  • Award of Contracts
    • Estimated completion: February 2025
  • Construction
    • Estimated completion: To be determined.

Ithan Elementary School New Construction Project