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Renovating & Renewing Radnor High School

Project View: Sept. 14, 2022

Project Updates

Anticipated for completion during Fall 2022, the ADA Accessibility and Wellness Infrastructure Project at Radnor High School addresses outdated and inaccessible facilities at Prevost and Encke fields as well as provides for a renovated pool area, a new fitness and wellness room for students, and other interior upgrades.

Project features include:

  • New Bleachers on Prevost Field
  • New Bleachers on Encke Field
  • New Track Around Prevost
  • New Turf on Prevost
  • New Storm Water Management System Under Prevost
  • Accessible Walkways and Ramps Throughout Project
  • New Accessible Viewing Areas for Both Fields
  • New Two-Story Field House/Concession Stand with Public Bathrooms and Team/Locker Rooms
  • New Two-Story Fitness and Wellness Room with Team/Locker Rooms and Public Bathrooms
  • Renovated/New Interior Locker Rooms and Bathrooms
  • Renovations to Pool Area (pool deck and shell, balcony viewing area, elevator, ventilation)
  • Air conditioning in Main Gym and Auxiliary Gym
  • New Rear Entrance Lobby
  • New Radnor History and Spirit Gallery
  • New Classrooms
  • New Trainer Room and Other Offices
  • New District Maintenance Yard

Project View: Week of August 8, 2022

Project View: August 1, 2022

The RHS ADA Accessibility and Wellness Infrastructure Project is currently scheduled for completion during Fall 2022. Below is the anticipated schedule of completion for various aspects of the project. Please note these dates may change and this webpage will be updated to reflect any changes. (Updated Sept. 14, 2022)

  • Prevost Field 
    • COMPLETED: Relocation of soils from Prevost to Creek fields: July-Oct. 2021 
    • COMPLETED: Excavate and install storm water retention system under field: Sept. 2021-Jan. 2022
    • COMPLETED: Delivery and installation of Astroturf: August 2022
    • COMPLETED: Prevost bleachers: March 2022-September 2022
    • Track preparation, field fencing, scoreboards and bleachers: Oct. 2021-October 2022 
    • Top surfacing track: Sept.- late Oct. 2022
  • COMPLETED: Encke Field bleachers: April-Nov. 2021 
  • COMPLETED: Encke side walks and plazas: March-August 2022
  • COMPLETED: Creek Field fencing, E&S controls, final grading: March-June 2022
  • Accessibility plazas and ramp work between Encke and Prevost: Oct. 2022
  • Site utility work (water mains, gas, electric, storm water management): Oct. 2022
  • Field House construction: June 2021- Oct. 2022
  • Wellness addition, fitness center, new classrooms, team locker rooms: Sept. 2021-Nov. 2022 
  • Natatorium (Pool Area): November 2022
  • History and Spirit Gallery: Oct. 2022
  • Main Gym and Auxiliary Gym AC: Sept. 2022 
  • Maintenance Yard and final high school access drive surfacing: Oct. 2021-Oct. 2022
  • Completion of tennis court loop and resurfacing of courts: November 2022 (weather permitting)
  • Loop Field: September 2022
  • Loop Field Plaza: October 2022
  • Tree Planting: Oct.-Nov. 2022

Finished Project 3D Rendering

Day Before Work Begins: 4/14/21

Old Prevost Bleachers

Addressing Outdated Facilities

  • The Prevost bleachers were more than 55 years old and not ADA compliant 
  • The Prevost bleacher structural supports were degrading 
  • The ramp leading to the Prevost bleachers was not ADA compliant 
  • The bleacher railings at Prevost were not to current code 
  • The Prevost turf was 13 years old and in need of repair or replacement 
  • The Prevost track was 13 years old and in need of repair or replacement 
  • The RHS pool is more than 48 years old 
  • The viewing area for the pool is not ADA compliant 
  • The pool locker rooms need renovations 
  • The seating and access to Encke was 34 years old and not ADA compliant 
  • The steps at Encke were not to current code 
  • There are not enough bathroom facilities for Prevost and Encke 
  • The few bathroom facilities that exist are not ADA compliant 
  • The concession stands were in poor condition and not ADA compliant 
  • The high school fitness room is undersized and not ADA compliant 
  • The main gym, auxiliary gym and wrestling room are not air conditioned 
RHS Flag

Impacting Thousands

All students and visitors will benefit from the renovations. In addition to our general student body, community members, families, and alumni who visit our campus, the following is a sampling of specific teams and groups at RHS that utilize the facilities undergoing renovations.

  • Band 
  • Boys and Girls Soccer 
  • Boys and Girls Lacrosse
  • Cheer 
  • Crew 
  • Field Hockey 
  • Football 
  • Swimming and Diving 
  • Tennis 
  • Track and Field 
  • Ultimate Frisbee

Improving Accessibility, Wellness and Infrastructure for All

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