Radnor High School Logo, Color and Motto Guidelines & Application Form

  • Since 1897, Radnor High School (RHS) has been home to many different groups, clubs, programs and athletic teams comprised of and facilitated by students, staff members, parents and community members.

    Today’s organizations are proud to share in this tradition and may, at times, wish to indicate their association with RHS through the use of a logo, motto and/or colors on clothing, objects or other materials.

    To ensure the integrity of the RHS tradition and maintain consistency in how the school is represented, Radnor Township School District (RTSD) has prepared information to guide groups that seek to use a logo, motto and/or colors to identify themselves as associated with RHS.

    These guidelines do not indicate that any change has been made to logos, mottos and/or colors that may have previously been used to represent RHS. The guidelines are meant to provide support and guidance to groups associated with RHS to ensure their use of logos, mottos and/or colors carries on the school’s strong tradition while enabling the groups to feel confident in how they choose to represent their RHS pride.

Logos, Colors and Mottos

  • Logo: Emblem

    Organizations wishing to use a RHS logo in the form of an emblem to associate their group with the school are encouraged to use the image of an “R” (below). While organizations are not required to use this logo on their RHS-affiliated clothing and other materials, all proposed logos must be approved by school and district administration (see the “Approval Process” section below). Using the below logo may expedite this approval process. A high-resolution version of this logo can be obtained by emailing Michael Petitti in the RTSD communications office at michael.petitti@rtsd.org.

    RTSD Logo  Split "R" Logo

    Logo: “R”

    Organizations wishing to use a RHS logo in the form of the letter “R” to associate their group with the school are encouraged to use an “R” in a “block font” such as that depicted in the “Split R" emblem above. “Rockwell” is a popular block font.


    Organizations are encouraged to use RTSD’s official colors of maroon and white to associate their group with RHS. Black is also widely used. To match the maroon in the “Split R” emblem and official RTSD logo, the following color combinations should be used when designing graphics.

    C: 32
    M: 99
    Y: 98
    K: 45

    R: 113
    G: 17
    B: 18


    If desired, organizations are free to develop their own, original mottos to describe and/or promote their RHS affiliated group. All mottos must be respectful and appropriate for an educational atmosphere and consistent with the mission of RTSD. All mottos must be reviewed and approved by school and district administration before they are used.

Approval Process

  • To ensure RHS is accurately and consistently represented in logos, mottos and/or colors used by school groups, the school principal and/or athletic director as well as the district’s director of communications and/or superintendent must review and approve all requests for usage of a logo, motto and/or colors meant to signify an association with RHS.

    Please complete the form below and email it and all other required materials to RHS Athletic Director Michael Friel at michael.friel@rtsd.org to begin the review process. Please do not commit to ordering, manufacturing, promoting or selling the object(s) where you wish to depict a logo, motto and/or colors associated with RHS until your application has been approved.

    Please allow two weeks for this approval process to be completed.

    Questions can be directed to RTSD Director of Communications Michael Petitti at michael.petitti@rtsd.org.

Permission Form for Use of Logos & Mottos Associated with Radnor High School

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