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    Schoology is a learning management system (LMS) which allows students and teachers to interact online, in and outside of the classroom. Through Schoology, teachers can post course content, provide resources for students, and review assignments. Students login to access one calendar and their class resources. They can submit assignments, take quizzes and participate in online discussions.

    These pages will provide information helpful to parents regarding the purpose and use of Schoology, as well as directions for setting up an account and navigating online.

    Schoology, Home Access Center (HAC), and Schoolwires (our website host) each provide separate and valuable information for our school community. Parents should note that HAC is our student records system, where official grades, class schedules, and attendance are recorded. Schoolwires is the company that provides us the platform to run our website for those interested in learning more about our schools, programs, courses and teachers and activities.

What is Schoology?

  • With Schoology, our educational experience can extend beyond the classroom and into the home environment. Schoology enables teachers to post assignments, publish calendars, and make classroom materials available online. Students can also submit their work online, and receive feedback from their teachers within the LMS.

    There are many benefits to a solution like Schoology. Learning that starts in the classroom environment can continue at home, or from any device with Internet access. Teachers can facilitate discussions with their entire class within the Schoology environment, students post comments, access their calendar and resources and submit assignments from anywhere.

    Our implementation of Schoology is also a commitment to preparing our students to be 21st-century learners. As our students prepare to advance to the next stage in their education, facility with online learning will continue to be an important skill to master.

When can I access it?

  • Schoology is in use by nearly all teachers and students at both Radnor High School and Radnor Middle School.

    Letters will be mailed to Radnor Middle School 6th grade parents during the third week of school. Letters will include a parent access code that is individually assigned to each student. Directions for setting up accounts will be mailed with the letters. Video directions to set up an account, as well as directions for navigating Schoology can be accessed through a link on the left hand column of this page.

What can I see?

  • We are proud to provide parent access to Schoology. There are specific modules available to parents, including course updates, course content, and each student's assignment calendar. Parents cannot review submitted assignments, feedback from teachers, or grades in Schoology. Parents are encouraged to ask their child for this type of information.

    The calendar shows an aggregation of a student's assignments in all courses. Parents can use the calendar view to understand when assignments are due, and how coursework is dispersed throughout a particular marking period.

    The course tab reveals all courses in which a student is enrolled. Parents can review course content posted by teachers, and even view assignments.

    The groups tab shows all of the groups in which a student is registered. Parents can review groupwork and other group-related items in this tab.

Getting Started

  • We have compiled resources to help parents get started using Schoology. Visit the Video Directions page for screencasts, and the Written Directions page for onscreen instructions on how to create your parent account, add your children and access course content.