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Mr. Sal Scinto

Welcome to Mr. Scinto's webpage!  We are off to a great start to the year.  On the left-hand column of this page you will find links to an announcements page an a page for the monthly lessons schedule. Happy practicing!


  • April Update and Spring Concert

    The schedule for lessons through the end of the month has been posted.  Please note the following:
    • There is no early morning rehearsal on Thursday, 4/25 which is during PSSA testing week.


    • There are no lessons on the days of PSSA testing
    The concert is on Thursday, May 9th.  There is a concert during the school day for all students and staff.  Students may wear whatever they normally wear for school during the day concert.  
    The evening concert begins at 7:00 on 5/9.  We ask that students arrive at 6:45 P.M.  Attire for the evening concert is black pants or skirt and a plain white dress shirt or white blouse.  Please no t-shirts or anything with logos or writing.
    We only have two early morning rehearsals left.  Please encourage the students to practice.  The final rehearsal before the concert is the morning of May 2nd.
    Thank you - I hope you all have a wonderful spring break!
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  • January Update


    Dear IES 5th Band Parents,
      The Band Lessons schedule for January is here : January Lessons - IES Band.  A couple of notes:
    • The early morning band rehearsals for the month are listed for your convenience next to the Thursdays when they are happening.  If there is no rehearsal noted, then there is no rehearsal that morning.  


    • There are chorus rehearsals scheduled during the month of January.  These happen during the normal lesson time and involve the entire 5th grade.  They are in preparation for the winter chorus concert.  I have noted those days on the calendar so you know that there are no lessons on those days.


    • I may try to make up some of the lessons as we move through the month.  I will tell the students and email home if I do so.


    As always, this lessons schedule is available on my Ithan teacher page and will also be posted to schoology so that the students can access it as well.  Happy January!
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  • IES Band Rehearsals - Beginning in JANUARY


    Dear IES 5th Band Parents,


      The following is a schedule for early morning rehearsals for the Ithan Band: IES 5th Band Rehearsal Schedule

    The first rehearsal will be Thursday, January 17th at 7:45 A.M. on stage at Ithan.  All rehearsals are on Thursday.  There are some Thursdays that we do not have rehearsal - please consult the schedule for the specific dates.


       All students in the band program should attend these rehearsals - they are important and are necessary to prepare for our concert in May.  I appreciate you making the necessary arrangements to provide transportation and to get your children to Ithan for these rehearsals.  


       These rehearsals are in addition to the normal weekly lessons during school time.  Students will have their normal weekly group lesson, and then will also participate in these Thursday morning rehearsals.


    Please note the following:



    • On the attached document are instructions to sign up for text message reminders through - I highly encourage you to make use of this messaging service.  I will be sending email and text message reminders the day before each rehearsal.  In the event that a rehearsal would need to be cancelled, I would also alert you via email and text.


    • In the event that there would be a delayed opening or school was closed due to inclement weather, rehearsal would be cancelled for that morning.

    • I ask that you contact me via email if your child will not be attending rehearsal on a particular day.  I understand completely that students might not be feeling well, or there might be a conflict, etc. - but I do feel responsible for the students during the rehearsal times and having an email note helps me to keep track of who to expect at each rehearsal.



    Thank you for helping to instill a love of music in your children!  I look forward to working with the entire band to prepare for our May concert!



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  • December Lessons and Update


    Dear IES 5th Band Parents,


    The December lessons schedule is posted.  It is fairly straightforward - the lesson days remain the same for the month.


    A few notes:


    • The students have really come a long way!  I hope that you have been serenaded at home with versions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Lightly Row, and even some holiday music! 


    • Schoology is up and running for students in band.  Each student should have access to the band course on their schoology account.  There are resources, videos, and an opportunity to participate in a blog/class discussion for two songs. 


    • Early morning band rehearsals will begin in January - most likely the week following our return.  A full schedule will be sent out in the middle of December.  Rehearsals are on Thursday mornings, at IES, at 7:45 A.M.  When the full calendar is sent, you will see that there are some weeks when we will not be meeting because of conflicts, etc.  I will sending reminders before each rehearsal, and will be inviting you to sign up for text message reminders that I send out as well.

    I will continue to be posting this schedule to my teacher page, and this announcement, so that you have access to it at any time.  As always, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email me at any time.   


    Thank you!



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  • November Lessons



    Dear Ithan 5th Band Parents,


      The November lessons schedule has been posted.  Please note that because of election day on November 6th, lessons will shift one day later in the week beginning next Wednesday.  


      The students are doing great!  Many of the groups have learned a few songs, such as Mary Had A Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Lightly Row.  Please ask your children to play for you and show you what they are learning!  It's a wonderful opportunity for them to perform at home!


      As always, the lessons schedule will also be posted to my IES teacher page, and to schoology for the students to access through their schoology account.  


       Some of you have asked about schoology as a parent - I honestly am not sure - I do know that you should have access to see all of their courses as a parent - Band is listed as a course.  I believe that parent codes were sent home via mail from the district in the beginning of the year.  From what I understand, this is different than when your child's homeroom teacher sends you a code for communication with that particular class. 


       I have been posting videos about instruments and some information for the students on schoology.  They all have access to it through their schoology login, and some have participated in class discussions.  Please know that anything listed as an "assignment" for them on schoology from me is not an assignment - it is an invitation to participate.  I can only send these types of videos and postings by labeling it as an "assignment."


      Thank you, and your children are doing a great job so far!



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  • October Lessons and Update


    Hello Ithan Band Parents!


    October is quickly approaching!  The October lessons schedule has been posted.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  As always, the schedule will be posted to my teacher webpage (link below).


    A few other items:


    • Please try to remember instruments and books on the day of lessons.  I have only a limited number of school instruments for the students to borrow.


    • Our early morning full band rehearsals will begin in January.  They will be on Thursday mornings at 7:45 A.M.  A full schedule will be sent out in December.


    • Our spring concert is Thursday, May 9th 2019 at 7:00 P.M.  Please put that date on your calendar!


    I have enjoyed meeting all of the students and look forward to learning a lot in the month of October!



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  • Lessons Schedule Posted


    Dear IES 5th Band Parents,


    The lessons schedule has been posted.  Please note that each student has been assigned a day and time.


    Lessons are set up on a Day 1 through Day 5 cycle - these match the cycle days for specials at Ithan.  


    Students signed up for tuba, bassoon, baritone, and french horn will be assigned an instrument at the first lesson.  They need to bring their book.


    All other students need to bring instrument and book to lessons - my inventory of extra instruments is limited, and I can not supply students with an instrument if they forget! 


    If you have any questions, please let me know.  I will also be posting this schedule to my IES teacher page (link is below) in case you need to reference it throughout the month.


    I am looking forward to getting started! 

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  • Elementary Band Update 9-7-18


    Dear RTSD Elementary Band Parents,


      Hello and I hope you had a wonderful first week back to school!  Here are just a few updates for you:


    • We are trying to finalize lesson schedules and hope to begin lessons in the middle of next week (probably Wednesday).  You will receive via email a detailed schedule of the day and time for lessons.


    • If you ordered an instrument online from Music and Arts, it is in the process of being delivered.  We will get instruments out on Tuesday of next week.


    • Students playing baritone horn, french horn, bassoon, or tuba will receive an instrument on the first lesson.  I will notify you when the home instrument is ready to be picked up.  


    • A reminder that there will be early morning rehearsals in addition to group lessons beginning in January (WES Tuesdays; RES Wednesdays, IES Thursdays).

    All of my emails to you and information, including lessons schedules, will always be available on my webpage (there are links below in my signature).  


    I know that you have received information about schoology from the district.  I will continue to use email as my primary form of communication, and will continue to post information on my webpage, as this is the most reliable way to communicate with all of you.  I will begin to start using schoology to post more information as the year progresses.


    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me at any time.  Please look for the lessons schedule sometime over the weekend or on Monday.  Have a great weekend!




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  • IES Band 2018-2019


    Dear Future IES Band Parents,

      I have had the opportunity to work through some of the instrument choices with the students.  You should see a letter come home this week with the instrument choice and some additional information.  Students do not need to have their instrument until September.  We recommend that you look to go to the music store in August to make sure that everything is set for September.  
       A few more notes:
    • Students playing tuba, french horn, baritone horn, or bassoon do not need to rent or purchase an instrument.  These students will be using RTSD district instruments and will get an instrument to take home and an invoice from the district in September.


    • Students will need a music instruction book - the name of the book is listed on the letter that comes home.  We use the series called Student Instrumental Course - they will need book 1.  


    • Please make sure that you have a music stand at home for practice - it does not need to be fancy or expensive - a wire collapsible stand is fine.  It really makes a difference to be able to sit correctly in a chair and have the music on a stand as opposed to a table or piano or something else.


    • FOR CLARINET PLAYERS: you do not need to get an entire box of reeds.  Only buy three reeds at a time - they come in packs of three.  All students should have (3) reeds to start the lessons in September.  These reeds should be #2 strength.  As the year progresses, we will move to #2.5 strength (which are thicker) and then eventually to #3 strength.  Having an entire box of reeds(10) will be wasteful, as the students will not use them before we move up to the next strength.  All students are required to have their own reeds - I do have extras, but just for emergencies - I can not supply the entire clarinet section with reeds for every lesson.


    All students will begin group instruction in September.  A full lesson schedule will be sent home at the beginning of the year, and every month for you to have.  Lessons are during the school day during I/E once per week.
    Before-school rehearsals will begin in January.  This is when the full band, all of the instruments, comes together to rehearse the music before school, once per week.  These rehearsals are on Thursday mornings at Ithan at 7:45 A.M.  This does not begin until January.  You will receive more information in December, but please think ahead for your scheduling purposes.
    As soon as the calendar is finalized, I will send out the date of the spring concert.  There is only one concert, and it is usually in early May.
    The following is a flyer from Music and Arts: Music & Arts Flyer 2018. They have a store in Wayne and are one of the vendor choices to rent instruments.  They service our district and send a representative to our schools for repairs and to drop off and pick up instruments during the year.
    All of this information, and all information sent home to you, will always be available on my teacher webpage.   I am also always available via email if you have a specific question.  I know that this is a lot of information, and I am here to answer any questions you might have.
    Thank you for supporting the arts in Radnor Township.  Have a great summer and do not hesitate to let me know if you have questions!
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