Physics Olympics League Team



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Physics Olympics League Team

Physics Olympics is a competition between ten area high schools in a series of events that test physics knowledge, understanding, and implementation. We have three competitions a year where students participate in three types of events. The first are "build" events which are built ahead of time and brought to the meet to compete against other students from other schools. An example would be a toothpick egg drop device (a contraption made of toothpicks that must catch an egg dropped from a height and allow it to survive intact). The second are "rotation" events which are practiced ahead of time but completed at the meet. An example would be the straw bridge event (in 20 minutes, construct a bridge using only drinking straws and push pins that can hold the most weight). The third is the "question" event- challenging physics problems that the team works on while at the meet. Physics Olympics runs from September until April.

Physics Olympics meets after school on Mondays in room 238. See Ms. Craft in room 235 with any questions.

Faculty Sponsor: Alicia Craft

Timeline for Participation

  • Physics Olympics runs from September to April. We have 3 meets which are roughly in the end of October, middle of December, and beginning of April. Students should be present for at least 2 meetings (2:30 pm Mondays) in order to participate at a meet.

    For more information about Physics Olympics, contact Ms. Craft.