Radnor Peer Tutoring



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Radnor Peer Tutoring

Faculty Sponsor: Dan Bechtold

Contact Information: dan.bechtold@rtsd.org

Description: Radnor Peer Tutoring is a free service provided for any student at RHS. Comprised primarily of members of Radnor High School's National Honor Society (NHS), student volunteers donate their time to assist in tutoring peers in areas of need.  If you are a member of NHS, and are interested in a great volunteer service opportunity, please contact 610-203-9900 or email Mr. Bechtold dan.bechtold@rtsd.org for details.

Where: RHS Peer Tutoring takes place in the Writing Center in the RHS Library.

When: Tutoring is available Monday through Thursday from 2:30 - 3:30 PM.

How do I set up a tutoring session?: Text 610-203-9900 with your name, the subject you need tutored in, your grade, and the date would like to meet.  All requests should be sent a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the session in order to secure a tutor with expertise in the requested subject area.