2020-21 District Initiatives

  • Initiative 1: Develop and Implement Instructional Programs in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Initiative 1: Measure of Success

      • Based on COVID-19 state and local guidelines, RTSD will develop, implement, and monitor a multi-phased approach for instructional delivery
        • Closely monitor key performance indicators including but not limited to attendance, student academic progress, student and staff wellness
        • Each school entity in Pennsylvania was required to create its own health and safety plan, which was tailored to the unique needs of each entity and created in consultation with local health agencies
        • Given the dynamic nature of the pandemic, the plan incorporates enough flexibility to adapt to changing conditions 

      • Develop special education instructional programming for all students within the three Phase model, including all virtual, hybrid, and in all person instruction
      • Create a model format of COVID IEP Addendum for special education students which outlines FAPE in this three Phase instructional model
      • Continue to provide professional development in academic, social and emotional areas for staff to effectively implement programs outlined in the IEP with fidelity 

      • Development of the K-5 Cyber Program
      • Perform necessary infrastructure updates for remote, hybrid, and cyber learning
      • Ensure all online services are set up, maintained, and supported for online and hybrid learning
      • Establish and continue professional development in blended and online learning 
      • Support teachers and students through instructional support availability: Coaches, Cyber Dean, etc.
      • Equip Remote Teachers (Proctor/Pilot)
      • Ensure Health and Safety and continuity of instruction for quarantined students through remote technologies
      • Establish technology support systems for families during remote, hybrid, and cyber learning 

    Initiative 1: Timeline for Achievement

    • CONTINUITY OF EDUCATION: Fall and Winter 2020/Ongoing Throughout 2020-21
    • SPECIAL EDUCATION: Ongoing Throughout 2020-21
    • EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: Ongoing Throughout 2020-21

    Initiative 1: Key Indicators of Progress

    Initiative 2: Further Expand Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Inquiry, Exploration and Responsiveness Across RTSD

    Initiative 2: Measure of Success/Progress

    • Secure a DEI consultant who can assist with ongoing professional development for staff/administration 
    • Convene parent/community advisory teams 
    • Establish student advisory committees 
    • Review relevant DEI data to help inform the DEI leadership committee on possible programming 
    • Review recommendations for District-wide DEI initiatives  
    • Make DEI recommendations to administration and School Board 

    Initiative 2: Timeline for Achievement

    • Ongoing Throughout 2020-21 and Fall 2021

    Initiative 2: Key Indicators of Progress

    • DEI November 2020 Update
    • DEI December 2020 Update
    • DEI Spring 2020-21 Update
    • DEI October 2021 Update

    Initiative 3: Complete and Update the Student Wellness Study to Include Covid-19 Pandemic

    Initiative 3: Measure of Success

    1. Pursue study questions in focus areas to collect relevant data
    2. Develop and present recommendations including:
      1. A review of academic, behavioral and social emotional supports
      2. A review of Homework Policy and Administrative Regulations
      3. Guidelines for healthy use of technology
    3. Implement recommendations in Fall 2021

    Initiative 3: Timeline for Achievement

    1. Fall and Winter 2021
    2. Spring 2021
    3. Fall 2021

    Initiative 3: Evidence of Completion

    • Wellness Study completed document
    • Wellness Study board presentation

    Initiative 4: Implement Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

    Initiative 4: Measure of Success

    • Develop a K-12 MTSS Framework to assist implementing effective tier 1, 2 and 3 instructional programming in academic and social/emotional areas 
    • Provide professional development in the MTSS model for all K-12 staff to assist in core instruction, differentiation, and enrichment as well as intervention models 
    • Align elementary and secondary instructional programming to ensure continuity of instruction at each level in academic and social/emotional areas 
    • Create building MTSS leadership teams to support the implementation of the framework, analyzation of building level data, alignment of curriculum and instruction, and ensure effective intervention and enrichment programming 

    Initiative 4: Timeline for Achievement

    • Fall, Winter 2020
    • Spring 2021

    Initiative 4: Evidence of Completion

    • MTSS Professional Development evaluations, documents, and meetings 
    • MTSS system components implemented in buildings: 
      • Assistant Principal Leadership 
      • Coach/Facilitator 
      • Meetings and Forms 
      • I/E Block Schedule 
      • Referral analysis  

    Initiative 5: Develop a Long-Term RTSD Facilities Plan that Supports Enrollment, Program Needs, and Building Requirements

    Initiative 5: Measure of Success

    • Deliver progress updates and a draft report of the Feasibility Study 
    • Form of a Feasibility Steering Committee 
    • Begin evaluation of the report, meet approximately 6 times over 3-4 months with the Breslin Team to develop long range facilities planning and report findings and a master plan in the spring of 2021 
    • The plan will be utilized to guide capital improvements over a 5-10-20 year range 

    Initiative 5: Timeline for Achievement

    • Ongoing Throughout 2020-21

    Initiative 5: Evidence of Completion

    Initiative 6: Continue to Develop the RHS Accessibilty and Wellness Infrastructure Project

    Initiative 6: Measure of Success

    • Continue the land planning process, develop construction documents, explore bond funding and proceed to gathering bids for construction 
    • Evaluate bids and make recommendations to the Board 
    • Establish suitable construction schedule and prepare for possible award and beginning of construction in Spring 2021 

    Initiative 6: Timeline for Achievement

    • Ongoing Throughout 2020-21

    Initiative 6: Evidence of Completion