Most Recent Progress Update

  • March 21, 2019


    Since our Sleep and School Start Time Committee presented its initial recommendation of adjusted school start times at the November 13, 2018 Curriculum Committee meeting, there has been significant progress in refining the recommendation as a result of additional research and extensive feedback from various individuals and groups, including parents, students and staff members.


    As a result of this additional work, the committee is now prepared to present a final school start time recommendation to the School Board at the Board’s monthly business meeting next Tuesday, March 26. We do not anticipate a Board vote on the recommendation at this meeting. The earliest possible vote from the Board would occur at the April 23 business meeting.  


    You can view the presentation that will be provided to the Board as part of the meeting's agenda here.


    As we enter this next phase of the study, we will again be seeking feedback from parents and community members regarding the final recommendation. We will be scheduling these meetings for early April and will provide our community with the dates, times and locations. We invite those who are interested in the latest information from the committee to  continue visiting this dedicated section of our webpage.  You can also share your thoughts via email  In the coming days, an updated timeline and an addendum to the Sleep and School Start Time Report will also be posted on our website.


    We thank all parents and community members who have provided feedback to date. Your perspectives have greatly helped shape our years’ long study of school start time and our subsequent recommendations. We look forward to sharing updated information with you.




    Kenneth E. Batchelor

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  • Sleep Committee Logo Radnor Township School District is committed to promoting and sustaining the safety, academic achievement and mental and physical health of our students.  Over the past several years, there has been significant mounting scientific evidence that chronic adolescent sleep loss has become a public health issue.

    In testament to these findings, many major prominent national health organizations (see "Resources" below) have issued related official policy statements and recommendations. More recently, the following national organizations have issued the same declarations: the National Parent Teacher Association; the American Academy of Sleep Medicine; and the Society of Behavioral Medicine.

    In June 2017, in response to this issue also garnering board and administrative concern and under the direction of Superintendent Mr. Ken Batchelor, the district named the exploration of student sleep needs and school start times as one of its 2017-18 "priority projects,” with a recommendation to be released by administration by the end of the 2017-18 school year. The recommendation will follow an investigation on the topics of student sleep and school start time by a committee comprised of RTSD staff members, parents, students and community members.

    Up-to-date information on the progress of the Adolescent Sleep and School Start Time Study and general information on these topics will be shared on this webpage.

    For more information, contact Committee Chair Dr. Anthony Rybarczyk, RTSD Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning, at

About the Committee

  • The RTSD Adolescent Sleep and School Start Time Committee was formed by district administration in response to the results of a district survey completed by approximately 500 community members on the topic. Approximately 100 respondents requested to be considered for membership on the committee. The selected participants are listed on the right under "Study Committee Members."

    The three major questions from the survey were:

    • What do you think would be beneficial about starting high school later in the morning?
    • What are the concerns you have about starting high school later in the morning?
    • What general comments, questions, or concerns do you have that you would like the committee to address?

Purpose of Committee

  • When officially designating adolescent sleep and school start time an area of study for the 2017-18 school year, Radnor Township School District Superintendent Ken Batchelor assigned the following purposes to the Study Committee:

    • Understand and educate the community about the identified national public health issue of chronic sleep deprivation in adolescents and the contributing factors and consequences;
    • Evaluate the impact on Radnor;
    • Present a report and recommendations to the RTSD Administration and Superintendent by the end of the 2017-18 school year

Ongoing Feedback

  • In an effort to capture the thoughts of RTSD constituents regarding Adolescent Sleep/School Start Time, the committee has created an email address to gather community input. Please send comments to The committee will consider all comments as part of its ongoing research.

Sleep Health Tip of the Week

  • Streamline Mornings: Organize for the next day the night before by picking out clothes, gathering school supplies, and packing lunch

Study Committee Members

  • RTSD Students
    Tobey Le - RHS Student
    Scott Massey - RHS Student
    Ryan Movsowitz - RMS Student
    Ryan Oliver - RHS Student
    John Sutherby - RHS Student (Radnorite Articles)
    Lauren Yang - RHS Student (Radnorite Articles)
    Annabel Zhao - RHS Student

    RTSD Parents
    Eileen Bookbinder - Parent
    Erin Croke - Parent
    Sarah Fox – Parent
    Pamela Kenney - Parent
    Jacqueline Kloss, Ph.D. - Parent
    Alicia Kolber - Parent
    Thomas Le - Parent
    Michelle Leonard - Parent
    Katherine Moore - Parent
    John Reilly - Parent
    Kristen Ressler - Parent
    Rachel Ebby-Rosin - Parent
    Shobha Sharma - Parent

    RTSD Community Members
    Vicki Boettcher - Community Member
    Laura Foran - Community Member
    Roberta Winters - Community Member

    RTSD District Employees
    Kenneth Batchelor - Superintendent
    Camille Baker - RES Teacher
    Dan Bechtold - RHS Principal
    Sue Dahlstrom - WES Librarian
    Christine Dougherty - RMS Teacher
    Michael Friel - RHS Athletic Director
    Elyse Goldberg - WES Teacher
    John Hearn - RTSD Director of Transportation
    Doug Kent, Ed.D. - RMS Assistant Principal
    Edward McCallion - RMS Teacher
    Carl Rosin - RHS Teacher
    Anthony Rybarczyk, Ed.D. - Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning
    David Stango - RHS Assistant Principal
    Jessica Verguldi-Scott - RHS Teacher