• As part of the district’s continual improvement efforts, the 2017-18 district goals called for a review of the middle school program. A committee has been formed and this review is occurring throughout the year. Recommendations from this committee will be presented to the Superintendent in the Spring of 2018.

Action Plan

  • This review will look at study questions in three areas:

    Area #1:  Academic Excellence

    1. Is the RMS program challenging all students?
    2. Is the RMS program supporting all students?
    3. Do the instructional strategies at the middle school include a variety of challenging and engaging activities that are clearly related to the standards and what students need to know and be able to do?
    4. Are the assessments administered limited to only those that provide the data necessary to support and challenge all students?
    5. Does the middle school staff demonstrate current understandings of pedagogy in their areas of instructional responsibilities?
    6. Are materials, equipment and supplies available to support a rigorous program?

    Area #2:  Organizational Structures and Processes

    1. Does the building schedule maximize opportunities to challenge and support all students?
    2. Do the current staffing practices support having the most highly qualified staff in place?
    3. To what extent do the middle school and the larger school district work together to provide an effective program for students?
    4. To what extent does the middle school promote coherence and continuity between elementary and high school and see itself as part of a larger educational system?

    Area #3:  Organizational Culture and Climate

    1. Do the staff, students and families feel safe and welcome at Radnor Middle School?
    2. Are the school rules and disciplinary practices clear, fair and appropriate for middle school learners?
    3. Does the middle school staff as a whole and as individuals see themselves as vital to the continual improvement process?

    Action Plan Steps

    Fall 2017

    • Identify committee
    • Refine study questions
    • Define best practice

    Winter 2017

    • Collect evidence of best practice
    • Identify needs and gaps

    Spring 2018

    • Craft recommendations and present to the RTSD Administration and Superintendent
    • Recommendations to School Board