Spectator Guidelines for Fall 2020

  • Radnor High School is excited to welcome back competitive sports and extracurricular activities to our fields and courts! We know our students and families have long been looking forward to playing and watching the games and activities they love again, and we are confident we can provide these opportunities and host these events safely in our current Covid-19 environment. 

    To do so, the district has adopted guidelines for spectators at home events that align with guidance from the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA), the Central Athletic League (CAL), and the Chester County Department of Health (CCHD). 

    Below are all the current details regarding playing and watching games and events at RHS in Fall 2020. 

    SpectatorsTwo Parents/Guardians Only Per Athlete; No Student Spectators 

    • Every student-athlete will receive two (2) Central Athletic League passes to give to their parents/guardians. These passes will permit the student-athlete’s parents/guardians to physically attend their child(ren)’s home games. Passes will be distributed to student-athletes by their coaches. 
    • Student spectators are not permitted to physically attend any athletic or other extracurricular event 
    • Practices are closed to all community members, including parents/guardians 

    Cost to Attend Athletic Events 

    There will be no charge to attend athletic events for Fall 2020. 

    Safety Measures 

    • Prior to any parent/guardian or student leaving their home for a game or activity at RHS, all parents/guardians and students must complete the Covid-19 self-screening survey found here. Parents/guardians and/or students who do not pass the self-screening survey must stay home and not attend the game or activity. 
    • All spectators must wear masks at all times when attending any indoor or outdoor event, including when entering/exiting venues, during the competition, and whenever walking or moving about 
    • Concession stands are closed 
    • Spectators are prohibited from congregating in groups 
    • All spectators are asked to maintain six feet of social distancing 
    • Spectators are permitted to stand, remain in their designated seats, or walk to their destination (seat, restroom, exit), provided that social distancing and masking protocols are followed 
    • Lawn chairs are welcome for events held outdoors with the exception of Prevost  
    • Individuals who do not adhere to these guidelines will be asked to leave campus 

    Live Streaming of Home Games 

    RHS and the district are proud to announce the introduction of live streaming of home games for Fall 2020! We were investigating providing this service for our families and community pre-Covid, so are well-positioned to implement the technology efficiently and effectively now that remote access to programs and events has become more vital than ever. Live streaming will allow family members and friends of our student-athleteswho will not be able to attend games due to spectator limitations, to tune in on YouTube and cheer on their Radnor teams safely from afar.  

    More information on how to access the livestream, as well as the games currently scheduled for streaming, will soon be made available. Our goal is to broadcast our first contests on Saturday, October 17: field hockey at 11 a.m. and girls soccer at 1 p.m. 

    Procedures for Away Games  

    • Spectator rules for away games are at the discretion of the home team. We will follow their procedures as directed. 
    • Seniors will be permitted to have two (2) parents/guardians attend away games 
    • When attending an away contest, Radnor senior parents/guardians must bring their Central Athletic League passes. Parents will not be permitted into the away venue without their passes.


Details for Specific Sports at Home Games 

  • Varsity Football and Cheerleading 

    • Spectators are allowed to enter Prevost at 6:30 p.m. the night of a contest 
    • Spectators’ Central Athletic League passes will be checked at the top of the field entrance ramp (by the RHS Pool Entrance).  

    Cross Country  

    • All Cross Country meets are held at Rose Tree Park. Per the park’s permit, no spectators are allowed. 


    • Spectators will be permitted to stand along the fence as long as they maintain proper social distancing.  
    • Players involved in matches and their coaches are permitted inside the court fences. All other spectators must remain outside the fences.  
    • Parents/guardians should carry, but do not need to show, their Central Athletic League passes. 

    Soccer and Field Hockey 

    • On Prevost, Encke, and all other RHS fields, social distancing must be maintained at all times. Visitors may sit on the home or visitors’ side of the bleachers.  
    • Parents/guardians should bring their Central Athletic League passes and be prepared to show them for contests at Prevost and Encke.  


    • Bleachers in the main gym will be marked for social distanced seating.  
    • Masking and social distancing requirements will be strictly enforced.  
    • Once the JV match is over, JV parents must exit the gym so to allow Varsity parents to enter.  

    Marching Band and Color Guard  

    • On Prevost, social distancing must be maintained at all times. Visitors may sit on the home or visitors’ side of the bleachers. 
    • Parents/guardians should bring their Central Athletic League passes and be prepared to show them for contests at Prevost.   

    Outdoor Grass Events 

    • Spectators must maintain social distancing while standing/sitting around the field.