• Matt Torresani
    Social Studies Department


                                     High School
                         130 King of Prussia Road
                                  Radnor Pa, 19087
                      Phone: 610-293-0855 Ext. 3532 

                                            Todd Miller

                                   Department Chair

    Social Studies Department
    (call dept. office ext. 3600 or 3601 to reach Social Studies faculty by telephone)
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    Joe Capone AP Psychology Website
    Melisa Civitella AP American History, College Prep American Studies Website
    Richard Dunbar AP European History, 9th grade Interdisciplinary: Civics and Economics.
    Glen Jaskelewicz 10th grade Interdisciplinary: Gobal Issues, 10th grade Honors and Advanced World Studies Website
     Rob King   9th grade Honor Civics and Government, 11th grade Advanced American Studies   Website
    Alan Mezger 12th grade Sociology, 10th grade Advanced World Studies Website
    Todd Miller Department Chair, AP Economics,  Integrated Global Studies Website
    Colleen Myers AP World History, Honors and College Prep World Studies Website
    Sharon Reardon AP Governemnt, AP American History, 11th Honors American Studies Website
    Robert Spear  9th grade Advanced Civics and Economics Website
    Matt Torresani 12th grade Senior Seminar,  10th grade Advance World Studies, 9th grade Advanced Civics and Economics  Website
    Dave Wood Psychology, 11th grade Advanced American Studies Website
    Paul Wright 11th grade Interdisciplinary: Viewpoints, 9th grade Advanced and College Prep Civics and Economics Website


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