Radnor Middle School Intramural Activities & Clubs

  • Intramural activities are open to students of all grades. Each activity has its own schedule; meeting as often as four times a week or as seldom as once a week.

    Unless otherwise noted, meeting times are from 3:05-4 p.m. at RMS, with the exception of swimming and track (which are held in the spring).

    For most activities, there is no long-term commitment. All a student needs to do is show up. A few intramurals, like floor hockey or handbells, require consistent attendance because of the team nature of the sport or the goal of a concert at the end of the experience. Activities meet from 12-24 times.

    At the end of the day intramural participants may be picked up by a parent or walk home (if allowed to do so by a parent).

    Club information is available in the student bulletin, on posters in the hallways, by teachers and on the cafeteria bulletin board.

Club Information

Information about the clubs offered after school at Radnor Middle School.