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Welcome to RMS Health & Physical Education

Physical Education Units: Cooperative Games & Team Building; Large Group Games; Lead Up Games; Fitness (cardiovascular, weight training, resistance bands) and Fitness Testing (mile run, sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups); Sports (football, field hockey, ultimate, soccer, team handball, basketball, volleyball, softball)

Brittany Grzywacz
brittany.grzywacz@rtsd.org | 610-386-6300 ext. 7144

Amanda Lewis
amanda.lewis@rtsd.org | 610-386-6300 ext. 7144

Ed McCallion
ed.mccallion@rtsd.org | 610-386-6300 ext. 7145

Eric Ruffenach
eric.ruffenach@rtsd.org | 610-386-6300 ext. 7145, 7146

Health Room
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