RMS Student Assistance Program (SAP)

  • Every day, students are increasingly confronted with a variety of challenges which interfere with the ability to succeed in school.  To deal with these challenges, Middle School students need to develop self-esteem and coping skills. Emotional factors such as depression and the use of drugs and alcohol can create barriers to the process of success in school.  The Radnor Township School District recognizes that such barriers impede student success in school, and it has developed a program for identifying students who are experiencing difficulty and provides them with resources to help overcome these challenges. One part of this commitment is the Student Assistance Program (RMS SAP).

Purpose of the Team

  • The goals of our student assistance program, RMS SAP are to:

    • Confidentially identify students who are experiencing barriers that impede their ability to succeed in school. These barriers include, but are not limited to, low self-esteem, lack of coping skills, depression, or the use and abuse of controlled substances;
    • Intervene when appropriate, either by personal contact or by support groups, and
    • Refer these students for appropriate help within or outside of RMS and monitor their progress towards a healthier and safer lifestyle. 

    RMS SAP is not a treatment program. It seeks to help or refer students who exhibit forms of behavior that impede their ability to succeed in school. It also provides for intervention by making referrals to appropriate agencies.

Team Members

  • Feel free to contact any team member if you have concerns about an RMS student.

    Dr. Lisa Marie Boschi – Psychologist
    Dr. Christine Bryan (Main Office) – Assistant Principal
    Mr. Clyde Diehl (Guidance Suite) – Counselor
    Ms. Ceire Evans – Social Worker
    Mrs. Jennifer Fritz (Room 220) – Teacher
    Ms. Brittany Grzywacz (Room 144) - Teacher
    Ms. Nadine Karel (Caron Foundation) – Liaison
    Dr. Douglas Kent (Main Office) – Assistant Principal
    Mrs. Amanda Lewis (Room 144) – Teacher
    Mrs. Andrea McMenamin (Room 408) – Teacher
    Mrs. Jennifer O’Shea (Merakey) – Liaison
    Ms. Nicole Ottaviano (Guidance Suite) – Counselor
    Mrs. Lauren Raines (Room 301) - Teacher
    Mrs. Karen Shoulberg (Room 408) – Teacher
    Ms. Jamie Walkowiak (Guidance Suite) – Counselor
    Dr. David Wiedlich (Main Office) - Principal
    Ms. Olga Zografakis (Room 200) - Teacher